Stearns: Negative mailers ‘factual’

My name is Tricia Stearns and I am running for the State Senate in District 16, which is comprised of Fayette, Spalding, Pike and Lamar counties. Before entering this race, I spoke with people across the district as well as members of the legislature and business community. Then I researched my opponent’s legislative record and […]

Trump sets the new standard for vulgar

OMG! I had to laugh, then scratch my head, after I read the completely hypocritical article about Michelle Wolf “being vulgar” at the recent White House Correspondents Dinner. Perhaps you forgot, Cal, that your president (who can dish it out, but can’t take it) started down the path of vulgarity when he said, “I moved […]

Dump Rosemond and get a real doc

It is dismaying that you distribute John Rosemond’s columns in your newspaper and refer to him as a psychologist. He does not hold a doctorate and fails to meet the minimal educational criterion to be licensed as a psychologist in Georgia. Rosemond makes wild claims that have no basis in scientific research. For example, in […]

Questions about future of Booth Middle School

I am writing this letter to get answers to questions about the pending renovations/remodeling/construction at Booth Middle School. It would be helpful to all concerned if there could be some dialogue among all interested parties, the school system, parents, and taxpayers. There are three alternatives currently under discussion by the Fayette County Board of Education: […]

What is right age for buying a gun?

The Liberal/Democrats continue to pursue a change to the age that a person can legally purchase a gun/rifle in this country. Now it appears that the age of 21 is the new target/objective. I offer only these facts: A “kid” at the age of 16 (if emancipated) or 17, with parent’s permission, is allowed to […]

Hogg was seeking fame, unlike Murphy

Carolyn Browning referred to my 4/17/18 The Citizen letter: “Compare Two 17-Year Olds” as “vitriol.” On 5/2/18, Marcia Hendershot’s rebuttal stated she was “disturbed” by my letter preferring WWII highly decorated hero Audie Murphy over media opportunist David Hogg. The facts are that Parkland Florida MS Douglas HS survivor David Hogg’s primary interest was his […]

Everyone welcome at SVC gathering

[Eitor’s note: This letter arrived too late for last week’s paper, but we are including it in light of the demonstrations at the Fayette County Commission last week.] When the Fayette County Commission and the city councils in the county issue proclamations of Confederate Memorial Day/Month every year, we members of the Sons of Confederate […]

The tragedy of Alfie

Can anyone possibly imagine the anguish of the parents of Alfie Evans? They pleaded desperately with the hospital authorities and courts to simply let their child leave the hospital to get treatment elsewhere, but were denied time after time. They had to watch their child be killed by dehydration and starvation, since the hospital determined […]