The Khmer Rouge and the gender ideologies


I recently watched “The Killing Fields,” a 1984 British movie about the genocidal slaughter under the brutal Communist regime of the Khmer Rouge, which ruled Cambodia from 1975-1979.

Estimates vary, but one can probably say that the Khmer Rouge killed approximately 2 million of their fellow countrymen out of a population of 8 million, meaning one quarter of the population was decimated in the pursuit of a Communist utopian fantasy.

There were many targets for death, but some of the groups included: Christians, Buddhists, professionals, anyone who had anything to do with Western culture, teachers, members of the previous government and their families, minority groups, and anyone who didn’t toe the line vocally and enthusiastically.

Khmer Rouge troops and agents emptied the cities and forced nearly everyone to work in the fields, which doubled as re-education camps where one of the main goals was to destroy every ounce of traditional thinking, up to and including the basic idea of family.

These fields were also where much of the killing was done, often by machete or bare hands, and so garnered the term “the killing fields.”

Children were given guns and positions of leadership based on the idea that they were untainted by previous ways of thinking due to their young age and could be trusted to accept and carry out the new ideology.

While Communist regimes are notorious for killing millions in pursuit of their ideology, it’s hard to find a more destructive and tragic case than Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge regime was so bad that even the Vietnamese Communists could no longer tolerate them and ended their rule in 1979 by invading and taking over the country.

What struck me about the movement was how the Khmer Rouge used children to effect the destruction of societal, religious, and national traditions, completely ignoring their actual welfare and instead employing them as tools to achieve the self-serving, evil goals of the Khmer Rouge leadership.

I see a parallel in our society today, where gender ideologues are using children for their own selfish purposes regardless of the harm that may be done to their innocence, mental well-being, or physical health.

While adults who condone gender transition for young children claim they are doing so for their benefit, it’s clear that those adults are really just using them to virtue signal about their own progressive bona fides, or getting a sexual thrill by dancing scantily clad in front of children, or ameliorating their own misgivings and doubts by convincing children of the rightness of their behavior.

If these activists in the LGBTQ community — and I want to be clear that I don’t believe all LGBTQ people condone this behavior — were truly concerned about the children, they would allow and welcome scientific studies into the effects of “gender affirming care” for children, but they don’t.

Instead, they ignore the basic data we have which shows that suicidality is higher for those who “transitioned” as either children or adults, or actively discourage such studies as inherently transphobic and hostile to their very existence.

Tech companies like TikTok (an organ of the Chinese Communists) and Instagram also prey on these children mercilessly to generate ad revenue, regardless of how much their content may be harming children. As just one example, the CDC says the teenage girl suicide rates are up 60% from 10 years ago.

If all this “gender affirming” nonsense were really being done for the benefit of the kids, wouldn’t the suicide rate be going down? No. It’s shooting up in correlation with a sudden mass influx of gender-confused children, who are encouraged in this madness by big tech, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party.

But, just like the Khmer Rouge of 50 years ago, the gender ideologues aren’t letting the destruction of their policies stop their movement. In fact, they double-down, and accuse legislators who want to prohibit permanent physical changes for minors and ban kids from drag shows as “dangerous,” as White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently opined.

And, just like the Khmer Rouge, they turn upside down the natural order of society, pitting kids against their own parents by entrusting public employees with decisions about gender without parental consent, and claiming that a child’s subjective view of themselves trumps all else, even if it directly contradicts their very physical, and meaningful, reality.

One final similarity is a hatred of religion because it stands in the way of achieving their Marxist goals. Both Cambodian Communist dictators and modern gender ideologues explicitly reject God because it is impossible to reconcile their worldview with the God of nature and reality itself.

God would simply not “make a mistake” and create a boy who’s really a girl, nor does it conform to his will that the family should be split apart for the supposed liberation and flourishing of the child.

Finally, both Communist and gender ideologues believe their “gods” to be supreme and will brook no opposition from the God of the Bible, or even the gods of Buddhist tradition.

I know this analogy can only be taken so far and do not believe gender activists desire the mass slaughter seen in Cambodia or other dictatorial regimes. But their willingness to exploit and use children to give themselves cover and achieve their deeply selfish ends is definitely similar in kind, if not degree.

However, the good news is that the philosophical, psychological, and moral incoherence that eventually brought an end to Communism in many countries will also bring about the defeat of gender ideology.

I’m not sure why a movement that seeks to teach young people to hate their bodies to the point of chopping off significant chunks of it has gained any traction in our society, although I do believe it’s a direct result of our continuing rejection of God.

But, be that as it may, we must speak the truth and not be cowed by the false claims of compassion and concern, for these types of ruses have always been used by charlatans of many times and places to justify their insane, destructive campaigns to forcibly re-imagine the human person and society.

Such utopian claims usually end in true suffering and death and cannot be allowed to endanger our children any longer. I’m glad to see lawmakers finally passing legislation to protect children from this kind of predation, but we will also need everyday people and church leaders to stand up to this latest scourge of Marxist insanity.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. I wonder what Hoffman is drinking lately to come up with such preposterous analogies. I have visited the killing fields in Cambodia and there is no reason in linking them to made up, twisted logic. He could have put forward his argument without this unnecessary comparison.

  2. Sad to see so many progressive / woke neighbors are advocates for using children for their own cultural, sexual or political reasons. Trey must have hit close to the target, judging by the reactions.

    Leave the kids alone.

    • I agree wholeheartedly!!! It makes one wonder how they would respond IF it were their child who turned from one gender to the opposite gender only to find out that what “they” were told was not where they found the “true happiness” they were told they would find!
      In fact, I wonder how many of those who replied to Trey are parents themselves?
      Perhaps those who angrily criticized Trey should talk to those who were Trans and had surgeries and hormone blockers, but are now detransitioning. They are the ones who have actually lived that lifestyle to only turn their backs to it now!!

      • I had little to no interest in the transgender issue…until I read the heartbreaking stories of some of the “detransitioners”…mostly young girls with only one desire…to go back in time before they were “transitioned” by medical professionals, before they had radical mastectomies that removed their breasts, before they had been drugged with testosterone, lost their true voices, started losing hair on their heads, and realized, way too late, that their depression and anxiety issues had nothing to do with being “born in the wrong body”.

        As one of them said to me, “I was thirteen…I just wanted to feel better, I just wanted to stop feeling so sad and lonely all the time and now it’s way worse, and I can’t go back, I lost all my girlfriends from school when I transitioned, and now I’ve lost all my friends in the trans community…I TRUSTED them, they were doctors, why did they let me do this, I was JUST A KID!”

        All I could say to her was “Sweetie, I am SO sorry, I don’t know why they allowed this to happen to you, but please hang in there, please don’t give up, people do care.” How woefully inadequate that sounds to a teenage girl who is staring at her scarred chest in the mirror and realizing she will never have children because the puberty blockers have made her sterile.

        She openly admits pressuring her mother with threats of suicide…and says the only thing stopping her now is knowing how badly it would hurt her mother if she did.

        People say “Well, transition regret is just a SMALL percentage of transitioners, most of them are perfectly happy.”

        Okay…so, say, if a hair care product worked wonderfully well for most people, but a “small percentage” of people who used it developed huge bleeding tumors on their scalps and lost all their hair as a direct and proven result of using it…would we STILL allow it to be marketed as a hair care product for children?

  3. This is hands down the dumbest thing I’ve read in this opinion page, and there is plenty of competition. I’ll just note three obvious problems with your “logic”

    1- Buddhism does not believe in a deity or god


    2- The research science is already out on gender affirming care – it improves health outcomes. If you don’t believe in peer reviewed research, that is your opinion, but the facts about outcomes of this type of care are just that – facts.


    3- God would not make a “mistake” and make a girl feel like a boy is such a lazy argument. The only people claiming the feelings of transgender children and adults are a derivative of some mistake of God are painfully misinformed. God does not care – only being “saved by grace through faith alone” notably does not include anything about your sex assigned at birth or your gender identity.

    (Directly quoting from the source below)
    “Jesus mentions eunuchs in Matthew 19:12, where he notes that there are many kinds of eunuchs, including “eunuchs who have been so from birth,” “eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others,” and “eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven”

    “Finally, we see another important eunuch in Acts 8:26-40 who travels all the way from Ethiopia hoping to worship in the temple in Jerusalem, and who meets Philip, one of Jesus’ followers, on the way home. Up to that point, we don’t have a record of eunuchs becoming part of the early Christian church, but in this story in Acts we hear about this Ethiopian eunuch who, after hearing about Jesus, asks Philip “What is to prevent me from being baptized?” (Acts 8:36, NRSV). While Philip could have said that there was no precedent for this situation–that the Ethiopian’s ethnicity as a non-Israelite or his identity as a eunuch might indeed prevent him–instead, Philip baptizes him with no questions asked and no strings attached. This story of a gender-expansive person of color welcomed as one of the first Christian converts is a powerful part of our spiritual history.”

    ” As we wrestle, though, we can find solace in knowing that our salvation is not based on our ability to read God’s mind, or our ability to be absolutely perfect and hold all the right views–we are saved by grace through faith alone (Ephesians 2:8, NRSV).”


    • Your attachment is only a pamphlet clearly advocating for transing kids. However, there is a peer reviewed Swedish study conducted across 30 years that was cited as a reason for Medicare not to cover sex change procedures.

      This study found that the suicide rate of a transsexual was almost 20 times higher than non-trans peers. “Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population.”

      Eunuchs are not transsexuals. A eunuch is a man who has been castrated, often to ensure celibacy in their role as guards and servants in harems or other women’s quarters.

      I care less if an adult wants to spend their own money to pretend to be something they can never be, but sex change drugs and surgery will do long-term damage to children. Leave the kids alone.

  4. This is a ludicrous argument with the most tangential relationship between the Khmer Rouge holocaust and today’s gender dysphoric adolescents. These situations aren’t in the realm of analogous.

    • This is all kinda crazy. Saying [God would simply not “make a mistake” and create a boy who’s really a girl] definitely doesn’t fit for hermaphrodites. God created and cares about them.

      This is all insanity. Comparing this difficult and odd social period to Khmer Rouge is luuudicrous.

    • Thank you for stating it so well, STF. Just the headline made me cringe. The actual content was asinine.

      May I add that, sadly, Trey Hoffman needs no help from those advocating LGBTQ+ rights, when it comes to repulsing a generation of young people (especially causing them to question established religions). He does a fine job on his own.

      Trey routinely weaponizes Holy Scripture; managing to turn the gospel (good news) of Christ into very bad news, indeed.

      He overlooks the pillars of faith, hope, and charity and resorts to shock tactics, promoting disgust and fear (“…a movement that seeks to teach young people to hate their bodies to the point of chopping off significant chunks..”).

      Transgender children deserve better. They need our love and support. They need us to listen and to understand. They also need privacy and the freedom to discern medical decisions with their parents and physicians.

      They certainly do not need Trey Hoffman assuring them God did not “make a mistake”. Perhaps not. But life sometimes does. I maintain that our loving God is not insulted when we use our compassion and courage to rectify it. Apparently he leaves that offense to Trey.

      • Thank you STF, Lever Up, and Suz, for these common sense and well-stated responses. Trey ought to be ashamed of himself.

        Every month he should just write a letter to the editor that says, “I am a scared old white man!” At least then we could sympathize and say, “Don’t be afraid, honey. This is just a new operating system for a more compassionate world. It’s difficult to run with the old hardware, but it will work — and the next iteration won’t feel scary at all.”

  5. 1970s regime engaged in genocidal holocaust amidst socio-political upheavals. Trey extrapolates a marginal gender-identy aspect as an explanation for… something.

    An almost countless on-going 2023 mass-casualty gun-cult assault occuring so daily in the US now the stories rate 2nd page despite involving schools and children… Trey decides the news isn’t cheerful enough, he’s gotta watch The Killing Fields and focus on… what again?

    Imagine the day conservatives care more about children (the actual, living ones) than guns.

  6. This letter advances the most preposterous proposition that Hoffman has ever suggested, albeit his bar was quite low. Trey describes the Khmer Rouge’s horrendous state-sponsored genocide, notes that children were involved as perpetrators of violence, and somehow finds a connection to current American gender dysphoric adolescents. This is analogous to describing Nazi Fascists’ genocide of Jews in the holocaust, noting that some Americans were pro-German before Pearl Harbor, and now connecting any American who visits Germany with a threat to world peace. Will he argue that since Jim Jones was a Christian suicidal cult leader and his congregation was predominantly African-American, Black Christians are more susceptible to cults than others? Absurd!

    I’m not advocating the cause of transgender medical interventions for those who have not reached majority; I feel pity, not condemnation, for these tormented youths. But Hoffman’s illogical argument is ridiculous. The U.S. government has yet to require anyone to change genders. There is no state-sponsored coercion at all, and parental control over their children is the overwhelming norm. Trey’s analogy lacks even Fox News credibility, a bar even lower than his own (if that’s possible).

      • That’s the line you and Trey have bought hook, line, and sinker. This is worn brain stuff y’all. Mind your business and spend less time thinking and worrying about kids that aren’t yours genitals.

  7. Well done, Trey…your historical and societal truth should whip up a real storm from the “Woke” folks. Fortunately, truth matters, and I can see the push back from normal people and parents today.

    I wonder what women are thinking when they are pushed aside by transgender men? If a woman and a transgender man are competing either in sports or for a job…it appears the transgender man has the best chance to win based on his original physical gender strength and the “woke” mobs influence in the marketplace.
    Hopefully here in PTC we teach truth in our schools.

    • Hello vics1966–
      You wonder what women are thinking “pushed aside by transgender men…competing either in sports or for a job”.

      Speaking as a woman, I hope I would react in the same manner as I would toward a cisgender person–with
      good sportsmanship and a spirit of magnanimity.

      Winning isn’t everything. Love is.

      (Woke enough for ya?!)

      • haha….you’re not speaking as a woman, you’re speaking as a leftist who’s never competed in any type of sporting event and who I”m guessing has never had to compete for anything in her life.

        • ^^ This is why leftists tear their hair out when trying to have a conversation with many committed right-wing folks. It’s called an ad hominem attack, and it’s employed when you can’t come up with an actual attack on the argument being made or its logic, so you instead attack the person making the argument. It’s even more egregious when the attack made on the person making the argument is completely without any factual evidence. the_wing_t provides a perfect example of this desperate tactic here by …

          • Denying Suz’s right to speak as a woman although the_wing_t has no reason to believe she is not a woman.
          • Assuming Suz has never been in any kind of competition with no knowledge whatever of what Suz’s life has been like

          The ad hominem attack is great for launching a real “zinger” that will impress other people who don’t understand logic (and in this case perhaps don’t understand empathy either?) — but it is useless as a way to counter an argument or assertion.

          Let’s all remember this next time we enter into a debate. And thank you, the_wing_t for demonstrating this logical fallacy so perfectly.