Council, loosen rules for electric watercraft on Lake Peachtree


Dear Peachtree City Council Members,

I am writing to respectfully request a revision of the ordinance regulating the use of electric personal watercraft on Lake Peachtree.

As a resident of Peachtree City, I am deeply concerned about the current restrictions on these innovative watercraft, which I believe are unjust, unsafe, and could stifle the growth of our local water sports community.

First and foremost, the 3HP limit on electric motors is difficult to enforce and creates an unfair disadvantage for those who do not have vested water rights. This restriction unfairly targets responsible, safety-conscious individuals who simply wish to enjoy Lake Peachtree, a city-owned and maintained resource that all taxpayers have paid for.

Electric personal watercraft have proven to be safe, stable, and highly maneuverable, making them ideal for recreational use on the lake.

Moreover, the technology behind electric personal watercraft has advanced significantly in recent years, making them much quieter, greener, and less intrusive to other lake users than traditional watercraft.

These devices emit no wake, produce no noise, and are easily visible to other boaters, paddleboards, and swimmers, creating a safer environment for all users of Lake Peachtree.

I implore you to consider revising the ordinance to set a speed limit of 18 mph instead of a 3HP restriction which is more easily enforced. This will ensure public safety, promote responsible use of the lake, and provide a fair and enjoyable experience for all citizens, regardless of their water rights status.

Lake Peachtree is the pride of our eco-friendly community, and it deserves to be enjoyed by everyone. I hope you will join me in supporting this important cause and make Lake Peachtree accessible to all.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Eric Shufro

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Yes to this proposal. I think the key points are mentioned … “These devices emit no wake, produce no noise, and are easily visible to other boaters, paddleboards, and swimmers, creating a safer environment for all users of Lake Peachtree.” The writer is therefore not referring to a jet ski.
    I like when invoative ideas are presented with rationale that makes sense. Let’s allow our tax paying citizens to enjoy the venue they paid for.

  2. I’d support a change to slightly larger electric motors on the lake if we also reduce the horsepower of gas-powered boats.

    There are boats on the lake with motors much larger and faster than the size and depth of the lake can tolerate. It is a safety issue for others on the lake. Also, the churn makes a muddy mess of the water, and generates waves that erode the shoreline. Oil / gas can often be seen on the surface.

    Or better, go all electric and wind. Climate change, ya know. /s

  3. With one change, I endorse Mr. Shufro’s letter. I prefer a maximum of 12 miles per hour for electric motorized watercraft. I’m concerned inexperienced sailors piloting wind-driven watercraft may endanger themselves or others with boats zipping around them. The six (6) miles per hour makes a difference on such a small lake.

    • I believe the request for an 18mph electric personal watercraft, beyond the 3HP restrictions of electric motors on the lake, is to accommodate Mr. Shufro’s wishes to trailer-in and then operate an electric jet ski on Lake Peachtree. Since he was not very specific on the vehicle type, I am left to assume his full rationale for an ordinance change.