Support SPLOST to better Peachtree City


Peachtree City residents have a unique opportunity to continue bettering our community and improving our quality of life. The Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) that has been in place since 2017 is up for renewal, and if it passes, the city can fund 40 capital projects with a 1% sales tax that will generate an estimated $67 million dollars between 2023 and 2029.

Here are some specific examples how the continuation of SPLOST will improve Peachtree City:

Fire Department

• Three new fire engines

• Two new fire stations (one would be on the southside of town by the Somerby assisted living facility, which is greatly needed and has been planned for years without any identified funding sources)

• Two new medic ambulances

Heavy-duty washers & dryers for every fire station in the city (these are critical because they remove cancer-causing contaminants from smoke)

Police Department

• A new prisoner transportation vehicle (the current one is a 2003 Ford van that routinely breaks down and can only carry 2 prisoners at a time)

• A pole barn to store vehicles and equipment long-term

• Enhance our evidence storage capabilities (the current set-up is maxed out)

• A new Special Response Team vehicle (this will replace a repurposed 1998 ambulance that was donated to the city in 2012 and offers no ballistic protection to officers)

• New K9 units to increase availability across more shifts and to replace dogs retiring in 2024 & 2025

Path System

• New path construction citywide

• New road-to-path construction to make transitions smoother and safer

• New necessary construction equipment (an asphalt spreader, dump truck, etc.)

• Safety and traffic flow improvements to metal path tunnels (the tunnel that runs beneath Crosstown Road by the Taco Bell could be a priority as it is heavily used and has the lowest ceiling in the city)

• A grade crossing to connect the new Booth Middle School with the greater path system


• New street resurfacing citywide

• New signage between villages to further enhance our village concept

• Intersection improvements at Peachtree Parkway & Robinson Road (according to a study from Sprig 2022, this intersection is already failing during rush hours, and delaying a fix will only make traffic worse and the solution more expensive)


• New permanent restrooms at Drake Field

• Redeveloping the old community garden space on Kelly Drive that would include restroom facilities (a first on the southside of Lake Peachtree), new parking with space for food trucks, a new pavilion, and a potential connection to the Flat Creek Nature Area Boardwalk

• New playground equipment citywide that would be more ADA accessible and potentially offer uniquely-themed playgrounds

• New pickleball courts with lights and restrooms (potentially with land away from residential areas by the Peachtree City Tennis Center)

More details on the SPLOST projects can be found here:

SPLOST has been a funding mechanism almost universally utilized by local governments across Georgia because it funds projects without burdening taxpayers with increased property taxes (which would be required if SPLOST fails and we wanted to accomplish these projects).

SPLOST also creates a more favorable distribution of the tax burden as it is paid by all consumers of goods and services who make purchases within our community (for example, those visiting The Avenue from Coweta).

However, the most important benefit of the SPLOST is that it is the best, most direct way to invest in ourselves. SPLOST funds can only be used on these important projects associated with public safety, roads, paths, and recreation. Its continuation will make Peachtree City a better place for current & future residents and more attractive to businesses looking to invest in our area.

I urge you to vote “Yes” for the 2023 SPLOST.

Advanced voting is currently happening at the Peachtree City Library from 9am until 5pm through Friday, March 17th. Election Day will be on Tuesday, March 21st. More information on voting can be found at

Kenneth Hamner

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. SPLOST has now passed and the $$$ will flow throughout Fayette county (yay Skeeter). One of the items that is listed under recreation for Peachtree city is the old community garden next to the spillway. I believe there was roughly $1 million earmarked for this project? I am still fuzzy on what the actual purpose of the site is to be. it seems we are simply changing the footprint of the parking and adding bathrooms? For what purpose? Is it intended to pull traffic away from battery Park? There is no mention of playground or exercise equipment to be installed. Your plans mention attracting food trucks to this location. I am not familiar with citizens gathering at this location asking for food to be delivered. Your plans mention attracting food trucks to this location. I am not familiar with citizens gathering at this location asking for food to be delivered. Have we really thought this out carefully?
    Additionally, there is mention of tying it to flat Creek nature Area? Currently the nature walk is blocked off due to storm damage. When will that be fixed? Let’s measure twice and cut once As the old saying goes.

  2. I knew my comment would ruffle those feathers in PTC. You just can’t handle the mockery and criticism. I posted the comment because the article is entitled, “Support SPLOST to better PTC”. If it was meant to “better” all of Fayette County it would’ve been entitled as such. Lift your noses a little higher and then you really won’t notice anyone else but yourself.

  3. I live in Fayetteville. Is this SPLOST for Fayette county OR only going to benefit PTC. Do the other people in Fayette county get a piece of the pie? I realize we are not among the privileged few that live in PTC, but does that mean we don’t matter and the funding will not do anything for everyone else in the county?