A really big one that got away …

… or just missed us, depending on your philosophical perspective. As you will read nearby, Facebook, that California-based social media behemoth, had just two places in the state of Georgia in which it wanted to build its newest data center: Fayette County/Fayetteville and Newton County/Covington, 40 miles east of the Atlanta airport. Facebook chose an […]

A parent’s view of a walkout

If you are a parent with a child in a Fayette County public school, it is very likely you received a letter from the superintendent regarding “rumors” about walkouts being planned, locally and nationally, in response to the Parkland shooting last month, and other mass shootings that have taken place in recent years. In the […]

Confessions of a pacifist — Part 2

[Continued from last week.] Following Marine Corps boot camp, I went to a six-month course at the United States Army Quartermaster School at Fort Lee, Va. During that time I was safe with my secret pacifist views. I settled in to a hectic but predictable routine during that period of time. After several months, I […]

Heaven and the Other Place

Despite the title, this story is actually all about the color yellow, but it’s going to take a little while for us to get there. Believe me, during this time of the year; the color yellow is something to sneeze about. And the majority of achooing around our house comes from Yours Truly. Keep reading, […]

Choose one: High achievement or good morals

By John Rosemond Parents of children who habitually lie can breathe a huge sigh of relief – The New York Times says that budding Pinocchios are more intelligent than kids who tell the truth (“Is Your Child Lying to You? That’s Good,” Alex Stone, Jan. 5, 2018). The Grey Lady’s announcement is based on studies […]

Cursive writing returns

A few years ago, I was saddened to hear from my niece, Nicole, that her children were not learning to write cursive because it had been abandoned in school curriculum. It felt like a stab to my heart that something so civilized and beautiful was being discarded. Of course, many young people already disregard thank […]

The life and ministry of Billy Graham

I always wanted to meet Billy Graham, but the closest I got to him was at the 1987 Southern Baptist Convention meeting in St. Louis, one of 13 annual SBC meetings at which he spoke. I slipped out of my seat, walked down the center aisle and snapped pictures as he preached. I have no […]

Confessions of a pacifist

As a teenager, I never thought very much about the taking of a life. I had a pretty peaceful childhood and teen life and, with the exception of an occasional bully, karate, and football, violence was not part of my life. I believed in the Ten Commandments, including the one saying, “Thou shalt not kill,” […]

Senior citizen discounts

It has taken my entire life to get here, but finally it’s happened and it’s better than even I could’ve imagined. I received the designation “Senior Citizen” last Wednesday, bestowed upon me by cashier number one at our local grocery store. She asked if I qualified for the discount, and I replied that I would […]

Many new ways don’t work; many old ones do

By John Rosemond An individual who occupies a fairly high-level position in the mainstream media recently told one of my associates that I’m “old-fashioned.” She meant it as a slight, but I hardly took it that way. I do, in fact, espouse a child-rearing philosophy and approach that prevailed when I was a child. To […]

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