Tariffs: Shooting ourselves in the foot

[Editor’s note: After The Citizen just received the second newsprint cost increase in six months amounting to more than 30 percent total, this issue of tariffs is of compelling interest for those of us in the business of publishing newspapers.] The Canadian government, lining the pockets of its dairy producers, imposes high tariffs on American […]

Fascists, Nazis, racists: Accurate definitions matter

There are three words being cast about by people who evidently have little understanding of the meanings of those words. The words have been evident in the politics of the left (there are other words misused by the right) for some time and, during President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom, demonstrators fastened these same […]

Rules of the pool

After over 10 years of planning and two of construction, our backyard oasis is finished … almost. There’s still one last thing to buy. A state of the art hot tub equipped with interchangeable jet packs, surround sound, a small waterfall, and soothing lights to set the perfect mood. The hot tub we want, and […]

Who’s responsible for kid’s bad behavior? Parent or child?

By John Rosemond I call it “psychological thinking,” referring to the tendency among parents of the last 50 years or so to attribute bad behavior on the part of a child to so-called “issues” that are thought to be causing emotional tensions of one sort or another. That is, in fact, precisely what my graduate […]

The Supreme nomination

If Alexander Hamilton had been nominated for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court today, Democrats would likely oppose him. About the court, Hamilton said: “[A] limited Constitution … can be preserved in practice no other way than through the medium of courts of justice, whose duty it must be to declare all acts contrary […]

Is a Trump court in the making?

If Mitch McConnell’s Senate can confirm his new nominee for the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump may have completed the capture of all three branches of the U.S. government for the Republican Party. Not bad for a rookie. And the lamentations on the left are surely justified. For liberalism’s great strategic ally and asset of […]

Hurray for Justice-to-be Kavanaugh

Into the slough, the swamp, the quagmire called 21st-century American life walks the prospective Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh: Lord help him, even while helping 21st-century America get its act together. Maybe. You can hope. However … Americans, some time ago, ceased tolerating each other: stopped giving each other the benefit of the doubt in […]

Men and machines

It’s been a few years since I shared the story of Tink and the riding mower, but I’ll remind you what happened so I can segue into another story of a man and a riding mower. We were newly married when Tink came home from an errand and found me cutting grass with a Bush […]

Community names

Harps or Harps Crossing is located on south Hwy. 92 in the area of Harps Crossing Baptist Church. Yes, it was originally settled by Harps and yes, many still live there. At one time it had a sawmill, a grist mill, and a cotton gin. The railroad made it a thriving community in the 1920s […]

Challenge Tower, Part 1

It’s called The Challenge Tower. And for good reason. I took youth from our church to church camp a couple weeks ago near Asheville, North Carolina. I’ve taken youth there for almost forty summers. We have Bible Studies, sing a lot of great camp songs, do some swimming and crafts and hiking, have campfires and […]

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