Critical transgender statements by Walker foment violence


Last Sunday, as we marked Transgender Day of Remembrance, I prayed for the 32 souls of the people killed in 2022 in our country. The senseless shooting in Colorado Springs on the anniversary of this solemn day was almost impossible to fathom. How can such ignorance and hatred continue?

I believe it is fomented by statements such as the one made by Senatorial candidate Herschel Walker at a rally in Calhoun, Ga., in September.

“When I get to heaven, I want the Lord to recognize me. Because I can tell you right now, they’re telling the young kids in school you can be a boy tomorrow even if you’re a girl. But I want the young kids to know, Jesus may not recognize you. Because he made you a boy. He made you a girl.”

The Christ I follow won’t have any problem recognizing and embracing all His beloved children. We ought to do the same.

I read many surveys, predicting the results of the Senatorial run-off election next month. Voters lament, “… I will hold my nose and place my check by Walker.”

I would humbly appeal to their humanity — do the right thing; for all of us.

If you can’t trust your heart, trust your nose! We need Rev. Warnock.

Suzanne Sports

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. the_wing_t – It is not true that “this LGBTQ stuff is in many cases truly a mental disorder”

    However, some possible explanations for why LGBTQ individuals may experience mental health issues could include:
    – Experiencing discrimination or rejection from family, friends, or society at large
    – Feeling like you do not fit in or belong in the traditional heteronormative world
    – Internalizing negative messages about LGBTQ individuals that are pervasive in our society
    – Having to hide or suppress your true identity out of fear of discrimination or retribution
    – Experiencing trauma or abuse due to homophobia or transphobia
    – Having limited access to mental health services that are LGBTQ-friendly

    • It can also be criminal, as in paedophilia (mental disorder). How many family relationships and furthering of mental disorders are shattered through “vindicated” homosexuality. It’s my understanding far more than many can imagine. It’s okay to love LGBTQ people, but not necessarily the conduct seemingly “natural” to them. This isn’t Sparta, Greece, or Sodom. Sure, let’s allow gay people to adopt children. A benign tumor is okay; a malignantmetastasizing one is not. I’m starting to look at it like I do addictive diseases, such as alcoholism, tobacco consumption, or other drug addiction. Keep it away from kids, even if you have to put it in the closet.

      • Sorry Doug, homosexuality is not “criminal”, nor does it explicitly lead to criminal behavior. If you need to blame pedophilia, sexual assault, child abuse, pornography, or other crimes on a specific sexuality identity, then heterosexuality is much more to blame than homosexuality, as heterosexuals commit a much higher volume of these crimes. And homosexuality is not a “disease” either, as it is not spread by contagion or exposure, just like heterosexuality is not spread that way. And homosexuality is not in itself an “addiction”, as “sex addicts” are also more likely to be heterosexual. We all accept the fact that you don’t like homosexual behavior. That’s fine. You don’t have to try to explain your dislike, or try to convince other to dislike it, with false narratives.

    • Sorry – it is true. Gender Dysphoria / Gender Identity Disorder. It’s in the DSM. I agree that those people probably feel stress / pressure / unacceptance from others, but if I was doing something that wasn’t socially acceptable, I’d feel it too. Being B/T/Q/I/A+ is not normal. I know advocates are trying to “normalize” it by cramming it down our throats every chance they can get….but you cannot normalize a mental disorder.

    • Thank you, Rambling On, for your wise words regarding why LGBTQiA folks may experience mental health issues — and for engaging this topic in a civil way that reflects your respect for other humans. I always appreciate when that happens here.

  2. About .01 of the population has an actual biological issue with gender.
    At most maybe 1%-3% are otherwise gay, etc.
    The rest are influenced by social media, sub cultural groups, groomed by pedophiles as children (teachers) or totally feckless and directionless and just want to be freaky.
    Walker can have his religious views…. Muslims prefer them dead. Check out the Iranian videos of hanging Gay’s from cranes in parking lots…. that is barbaric.
    Warnock has now been groomed by his handlers to appear “white” by walking a little dog in a white picket fence neighborhood and modifying the cadence of his speech pattern to sound like a Caucasian businessman.

    • Vic, you say:

      “About .01 of the population has an actual biological issue with gender. At most maybe 1%-3% are otherwise gay, etc. The rest are influenced by social media, sub cultural groups, groomed by pedophiles as children (teachers) or totally feckless and directionless and just want to be freaky.”

      And you know this, how?

      It does not support your position to say this in public unless you have and can post the evidence for it. Otherwise it is just your opinion, based on nothing. It is baseless accusations like this which cause anti-LGBTQ sentiment which encourages hate crimes.

      Please do not add to the climate of violence that already exists. Even if what you are saying were true, Vic, what is the action you expect should result from your posting it? Aren’t the 3% of people (in our estimation) who are actually LGBTQ worth protecting? If not, why not? And if so, why are you adding to the climate of hate against them?

      It is not for us to decide who is gay and who is just “totally feckless.” Suppose (assuming you are a cisgender straight male) your neighbors decided you are actually a woman but have chosen to live as a man because you are “totally feckless,” and they ostracized you and looked the other way when others marginalized you and even assaulted you — because you aren’t a man but are just “influenced by social media, sub cultural groups, groomed by pedophiles as children (teachers) or totally feckless and directionless and just want to be freaky.”

      This is the way you are treating your LGBTQiA siblings, and if you can possibly have a little empathy of how that would feel to you — that it is up to other people to decide your gender and dictate how you should dress and whom you should love — maybe you would change your attitude.

  3. The shooter who is suspected of gunning down five people at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub Saturday identifies as “non-binary” and uses “they/them” pronouns, attorneys said Tuesday according to a court filing obtained by The New York Times.

    As is so often the case, the democrats and mainstream media spew their unfounded opinions on every shooting before having any evidence to back up their outrageous claims! The Colorado shooter was NOT a right wing person…in fact he was just the opposite! BUT that does not keep the democrats and their propaganda arms (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, NPR, Facebook “fact-checkers”, etc…) from spewing forth their lying hatred for all things decent and moral.

      • t-w-t,

        Everyone who is not pro-LGBTQIA does, indeed, bear some culpability for violence like we witnessed in Colorado. If the shooter does turn out to be queer/non-binary, it would show that virulently anti-LGBTQ rhetoric doesn’t motivate only right-wing haters to do violence but can actually turn a non-right-wing person toward self-hate that results in violence.

        Either way, it is the constant and public calls for LGBTQ people to cease to exist or go back in the closet that opens the door to violence, whether it comes from left, right, or center.

        Do you want Suz to apologize for speaking the truth that when you denigrate any minority’s right to exist (and be recognized by Jesus) you are denigrating all of us and fomenting violence? It’s time to stop “othering” people and especially for our elected officials to stop publicly othering people! We are all humans, and for Herschel Walker or anyone else to tell an LGBTQ person that living their true identity makes them unacceptable to God almighty is an invitation to violence.

        You can easily follow the trail for the true believer: If God hates them, shouldn’t we hate them? And if we hate them, shouldn’t we take them out? That is the logic of what Suz said about Walker’s comments, and it is valid.

        Many of the comments on this letter are truly sad and discouraging.

        • Oh you’re just laughable. Surely you can’t be serious. Anyone who isn’t pro LGBTQIAXYZ movement, who doesn’t believe in that leftist anti-science agenda, is culpable for the violence committed by a member against his/her/their own community of like-minded people? Is that really what your claim is?

          So using your logic:
          – If I’m not pro- Radical Islam, then I’m culpable for the events of 9/11.
          – if I’m not Pro-BLM, then I’m responsible for the violence committed by BLM radicals at the riots in 2020
          -And if you, Jax, are not Pro-Trump, then YOU are partially responsible for the January 6 violence and shenanigans at the Capitol.

          That’s your logic…..and it’s just pure asanine. You’re probably an amazing person and neighbor, but your critical thinking and logic skills leave a bit to be desired, my dear.

          • the_wing_t–

            If you find VJax laughable, feel free to consider me hilarious–from you, I consider it high praise!

            IMO, even your snide “LGBTQIAXYZ movement” is denigrating and encourages intolerance.

            I will leave any question of culpability up to each of us. Personally, I
            choose to tread softly.

          • The LGBTQIAXYZ term I chose to use is not snide; according to some it’s meant to include all the minor groups that might not be represented by the LGBT+ letters. Good grief – this is the problem with the “tolerant” leftists like you….even when a person who does not agree with that lifestyle tries to show some form of respect, it’s seen as interolant and hateful. You really need to get a grip on life.

        • My Dear VisionaryJax–Exactly!

          We are all, when encountering an egregious statements such as the one by Mr. Walker, faced with a decision–do we remain silent (and by our silence, imply agreement) or do we speak. Our vote is also our voice.

          So grateful for you, on this beautiful holiday!

          • Visionatyjax—Well done, indeed! Sincere gratitude to all who voted and made a choice for kindness in a harsh world.

            (I assume you meant to write “re-electing Rev Warnock”…but I rather like “reflecting”–I hope his hopeful demeanor will shine in us all!).

        • I don’t believe the statement, “Everyone who is not pro-LGBTQIA does, indeed, bear some culpability for violence like we witnessed in Colorado.” I might recognize and accept LGBTQIA oriented people as people, turn my back on pro-LGBTQIA initiatives, and not “bear some culpability for violence.” Just because I’m not “pro” something doesn’t make me “con” something. I may love a leper, not be pro-leprosy, and remain inculpable of violence.

          • That’s the left for you… logic, all feelings and emotion. If they had logic, then:

            – If I’m not pro-Radical Islam, then I’m culpable for the events of 9/11.
            – if I’m not Pro-BLM, then I’m responsible for the violence committed by BLM radicals at the riots in 2020
            -And since Suz and Jax are not Pro-Trump, then they are responsible for the January 6 violence and shenanigans at the Capitol

            Sounds ridiculous when you put it in those terms….but they’re so wrapped up in their feelings that they can’t think “straight”. Pun intended.

    • oldfayetteboy–

      Did you also see the news video of the shooter’s father? I wonder if you will defend his past appalling behavior and downplay his current statements?

      Referring to his Mormon beliefs, he declares “We don’t do gay” and “Gay is bad”. Just another version of Walker’s “Jesus may not recognize you.” And just as harmful.

      Why is it so difficult for us to look full in the moral mirror? There is enough culpability to go around ( and yes, that includes Walker’s misguided statements and us, when we condone them).

      Please use your vote for a better world. We don’t do hate. Violence is bad.

        • Have a close friend whose daughter started out straight and produced a son, then went Lesbian, son had a break down and went to the street in his teens…now lost somewhere on the Left Coast, his mom then went back to a biracial straight marriage and produced 2 more children, sticks with the guy for 9 years then she divorces husband and goes lesbian again….can’t wait to see how emotionally disfigured these pre-teen kids become.

          • Just another example of how this LGBTQ stuff is in many cases truly a mental disorder, influenced by our broken culture and fueled by the brokenness of the human condition, attempting to fill a hole inside of us with a culture and a lifestyle that promises love, acceptance, etc, yet delivers none of it.

    • Right on Old Fayetteboy
      I expect you are retired and set for the long haul, but you may have children and grandchildren who you worry will have a world of perverts and misfits influencing our society.
      Do your best by them and if they are strong, they will prosper.

  4. Suz – Agreed that the tragedy in Colorado Springs is senseless and unacceptable. Worse, it might have been prevented if prosecutors had done their job dealing with the shooter after his previous crimes.

    After that, you run off the rails.

    Herschel Walker spoke truth about biological sex – – boys are boys and girls are girls. This has not changed since the Beginning of Time.

    Walker said nothing to incite violence. Your accusation that he fomented the actions of a deranged murderer is a ridiculous and awful way to advocate for your candidate.

    Perhaps that’s because you have nothing you can say for Rev Warnock’s record.

    Warnock voted almost 100% of the time with the Biden agenda, which has given us record high inflation and crime, borders open to illegals, drug dealers and sex traffickers, out of control federal spending and deficits, and massive energy price hikes.

    The right thing for us, Suz, is to elect someone who does not vote every time with Big Government Biden. Trust your brain: let’s put Herschel Walker in the Senate.

    Stay true.

    • CatBill…agree with what you say! Walker is a good man who made some mistakes and owned up to them, repented, apologized and moved on. Warnock is an evil man who tried to run over his wife and is a parasite who has no redeeming qualities and is supported simply because he is a democrat. He is a racist and supports Killing babies and supports Biden’s devastating policies! He is an embarrassment to the State of Georgia! We deserve better! Vote for Hershel Walker!

      • They say he has a pattern of lies, exaggerations, and outright bizarre claims and is not suited or prepared for the US Senate. Sounds like he has all the right qualifications for a politician – he might be overqualified.

        • “They say”?! Yeah ..”They” being a bunch of Democrats who support the lying, abusive criminal Warnock! Come on man! Warnock was arrested in 2012 for domestic violence against his wife who has testified that he is a “horrible person”!

          • I’d elect a Republican ditch digger over any Ivy League educated lying Democrat.
            Democrats caused the Civil war, promoted slavery and Jim Crow….and have lied to people of color forever and now want to manipulate and confuse young people about gender…they should all be ASHAMED…and run out of politics.

          • Ol’ Boy – You may have many reasons not to vote for Rev. Warnock, but the 2012 incident has been thoroughly shown to be a non-incident. His ex-wife said that he ran over her foot, but the medical personnel could find no evidence of any tort, and the charges were dropped.

            For me, I hope that Georgia does not elect a semi-literate for such a high office. Walker self-described as a multiple personality disorder in his book, but I’m unclear that he even knows what that is.

            I would like to see the GOP field much more qualified candidates.

          • I like STF’s statement, “I would like to see the GOP field much more qualified candidates.” I will also like to see the Democratic Party field much more qualified candidates. Maybe the issue is the lack of consensus on the qualifications we value. It will be nice to one day, again, vote for someone without reservation. I apologize; I forget the innocence and naivety of my youth when I actually liked Dwight Eisenhower, Charles Bennett, Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Bob Dole, and Sam Nunn.

    • Hello MyCatBill—
      In reading through this exchange, I wonder if you see how hate speech works. It isn’t always a clarion call to arms; it can be statements such as the one cited concerning transgender kids-“…Jesus may not recognize you”.

      When good people, such as yourself, decline to condemn it (or sadder yet, defend it and support it) you are joined by other like-minded people, encouraging them to add their own vitriol.

      And we get…”spewing forth their lying hatred”….”parasite who has no redeeming qualities”…”communist democrat”…”his race hate and his anti American and anti military past statements”…

      What begins with an ignorant remark can indeed end in a tragedy.

      It is not for me to say if Hershel Walker is “a good man”. I do however consider him a questionable theologian. And as Kevin Garcia (author and LGBTQ+ right’s advocate) notes “Bad Theology Kills”.

      Thanks, MyCatBill, but I’ll stick with my heart.

  5. I have been so busy this fall I haven’t had a chance to check in on The Citizen’s lively opinion section much, but I did want to visit after the latest incident of deadly anti-LGBTQ violence in Colorado Springs, and I’m touched to see that Suz did not let me down, but is calling attention to the tragedy and reminding Peachtree City that votes have consequences …

    Thank you, Suz, for your wise words.

    It’s time for Americans on all parts of the political spectrum to stop demonizing people for who they are and what they wear and focus instead on pulling this nation back from the brink of fascism.

  6. I will stick with Walker. He is a good man. He is not perfect, but neither is Warnock. Warnock is a communist Democrat who votes right along with Biden on everything and that is the last thing Georgia needs. As that guy in PA who had a stroke has shown, and as Biden has shown, brain power has NOTIHNG to do with public office. The only thing that matters is how a congress person will vote and Walker has shown he is for the America First agenda and the Georgia First agenda. He is a patriot, he loves this county, and he will vote for freedom every time. And if you are worried about prescription drug prices, then you do NOT want Warnock. Neither Dems or Repubs have went against the drug companies. The only person who has done that in a significant way was President Trump. Trump already brought down insulin prices. I guess if Warnock had to do it again then Biden must have killed what Trump did, but I had a friend who benefitted greatly from what Trump did on insulin prices so I don’t know what happened there. And you trying to connect the shooting in Colorado with Walker or with transgender issues in general is RIDICULOUS. Warnock is not the religious and ethical person he tries to portray. Nobody in congress is ethical in the way I wish they were, but I know Walker is a good man with many faults but so is literally EVERYBODY in elected office. If Biden’s corruption doesn’t bother you, and if Warnock’s abuse toward his ex wife doesn’t bother you, and his race hate and his anti American and anti military past statements don’t bother you, then there is nothing Walker has done that should bother you either. VOTE WALKER FOR FREEDOM!!!

  7. Georgia already has one national embarrassment in Marjorie Taylor Greene. We don’t need another. Herschel Walker doesn’t have the intelligence to be a U.S. Senator. On the other hand, Raphael Warnock is a good man who has done good things in the Senate, such as spearheading the drive to lower prescription drug costs, such as insulin. Vote for the effective legislator, not for the man who says our cars give off “good emissions.”

    • The biggest embarrassment in Georgia (and perhaps the Nation) is Congressman Hank Johnson (democrat of course) who was so concerned with an Island “tipping over” because their were too many USA military personal being put on the island! What a complete idiot! But Democrats are well known for continuing to elect people like Hank Johnson and Warnock!