Monday, May 25, 2020


Banner Sizes

Banner Ads

Preferred = 300×250 + 1068×90

The 300×250 appears on every page of the site, within stories, and on the mobile site. The 1068×90 appears on the footer of each page of the site.


Silver = Preferred + 300×600

The 300×600 appears on every page of the site. The 300×250 and the 300×600 appear prominently on the mobile site.


Gold = Billboard Ad

The 970×250 appears on the top of every page of the site on the desktop version.

$295/week or $595/month

Platinum = All banner sizes, all pages, all month

• 970×250   • 1068×90

Desktops and tablets

• 300×250   • 300×600

Across all platforms – desktop, mobile, tablet


Ask about annual discount rates

Are you interested in advertising with us?  Please fill out this application with the advertising package that you’re interested in. We’ll design your web ads and reach out to you for approval when done.