Peachtree City seems to be under-reporting golf cart registration income


I sent the below email to council.

I told you the city underreported the Fiscal Year 2015 golf cart registration income by over $12,000 at the Feb 16, 2023, council meeting. Here is another example of my research.

FY 2022 also had under-reported golf cart registration income by at least $58,374; and likely a lot more because it appears the proper accounting procedures weren’t followed.

The FY 2022 budget estimated the golf cart registration income would be $331,500. Had the city followed the proper accounting procedures, the budget estimate would have included the reportable deferred golf cart registration income from FY 2020 and FY 2021. That would have added another $190,320 of reportable income to the budget estimate for a total of $521,820.

FY 2022 was a year that required only non-residents to renew their golf cart registrations. It also was the final year of the residents’ three-year registration period.

The city provided me information that 1,307 non-resident and 1,758 resident golf carts were registered in FY 2022. The non-resident fee was $250 and the resident fee was $15. The revenue collected should have been $326,750 and $26,370 respectively for a total of $353,120.

Interestingly, the FY 2023 budget projected the FY 2022 golf cart registration income would be $354,000, which is close to what should have been collected, but significantly short of what should have been reported.

The city provided me information that the city collected a total of $294,746 for FY 2022, which is considerably less than what was projected. The collected income shortage is $58,374, and the reportable income shortage is $248,694.

It appears the city doesn’t have the internal controls in place to properly account and report golf cart registration income.

John Dufresne

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Thank you for doing this investigation.

    I wish we could get attention to the wasted effort that happens when we for paths but fail to clear roots that destroy the work and increase costs.

    A Ditch witch need to be run down the edges of the path before replacing the asphalt. This would save us hundreds of thousands of $$$.