Thanks to Peachtree City Library for Holocaust display


My heartfelt thanks to the PTC Library and The GA Commission On the Holocaust for the presentation, “How Did It Happen? The Holocaust In Historical Context.” (January 13)

The self-guided display was extremely moving. The class by Patrice Weaver was excellent. I refer to her one-hour talk as a class because I learned so very much; and, like all good classes, I was also inspired.

The subject was not just timely, but alarming, in its familiarity.

It is imperative to teach history completely and honestly. Only then can we learn; only then can we do better. Better for our own nation and better for the world.

To do otherwise — to deny or edit our mistakes and missteps — is not patriotic. It is dishonest. It is irresponsible. And it is dangerous.

Sincere thanks to all responsible for the opportunity to attend such a worthwhile event.

Suzanne Sports

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Thanks for this reminder, Suzanne, and PTC Library.

    It is very frightening to see the parallels between what happened in Germany after WWI, up to WWII, and through the holocaust, and sad that so many Americans don’t realize it could happen here because the mindset is very similar in some segments of the population. Maybe January 6 gave us a visual of just how real White Supremacy is for White Christian America, but it feels like we didn’t learn our lesson.