Culture incites more suicides

Opponents of the “death with dignity” movement have been saying this all along. When you permit and, sadly, even encourage the notion of taking your own life when faced with terminal illness and suffering, you open a Pandora’s box of life-destroying forces that spill over into all demographics, especially those most vulnerable to the deadly […]

Fayette must do more for bullied students

I read with interest the recent front-page articles about bullying and cutting. I know full well they represent many students and mothers who have not voiced their pain and frustrations. As the author/screenwriter of “The Fat Boy Chronicles,” I visit schools around the nation to talk with students about these issues. To hear the passionate […]

DOT, fix traffic on Hwy. 54 now

It should be possible to drive from Ga. Highway 85 in Fayetteville on Hwy. 54 all the way to Hwy. 74 in Peachtree City without hitting a red light. It is a simple procedure of synchronizing the lights to be green considering the speed limits along the way. This has been more or less true […]

Valid argument or just PTC garbage?

Does the city have a valid argument or are they just trying to baffle the citizens with BS to justify dictating a single vendor for garbage collection in Peachtree City? The city gave a presentation about the impact waste haulers have on asphalt pavement. It was an academic exercise summarized by a graph depicting pavement […]

Hiking for hope to help poor in Africa

My name is Trey Cason and my wife is Madison Cason. We are from Peachtree City and Fayetteville (respectively) and we will be thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail beginning 6/12/2018 to raise $219,000 for an organization called Global Hope Network International (GHNI). We call it the Hike4Hope. GHNI works in 38 countries and does sustainable, locally-led, […]

Folia project threatens lake

My wife and I have lived on Lake Bennett behind Frank’s Old Mill Restaurant for over 25 years. A proposed Folia Crossroads development threatens to destroy this beautiful watershed, which is the oldest lake in Fayette County, and has historical value. Since we have lived here, we have seen the lake get progressively shallower to […]

Irish abortion vote defies logic and life

I’m sure my philosophical opposites think I’m a “nutter,” to borrow the British phrase, with my loony-tunes insistence on the sacredness of human life. But, I hope they can be kind enough to recognize that there is some logic to my position. To wit, if one holds that human life begins at conception and is […]

Starbucks, stay closed

I went to Starbucks to get my periodic “Venti” jolt dispensed by my favorite “barista,” only to find a sign on the door: It was closed for racial-bias training. Disappointed and not willing to go through caffeine detox, I brought my refillable cup (doing my part to save the planet) to McDonald’s and ordered a  […]

How to make a ‘wave’

It is amazing to me how many people forget after only a few years major actions that happen in our lives, or maybe how many people think that we have memory loss. Last week Mr. Bennett described the “Blue Wave” coming to Fayette County and suggests that it has more to do with local folks […]

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