An officer’s wife says goodbye

It’s Friday morning, and another week has furiously flown by amidst commitments, deadlines and this crazy thing called life. As I strive to claim another 30 minutes of rare, undisturbed rest, my husband leans down and whispers, “I’m going now. I lovest Thee.” With one eye barely open and the other one still closed, I […]

Come on, guys, behave yourselves

The number of people in the public eye being accused of, and who are apparently guilty of, sexual abuse and misconduct has become alarming. Some of them leaders we held in high esteem, some of them so called “personalities”. How can it be this has been covered up for so long? Let me suggest a […]

Ognio: Response to Brown and 9-1-1

Let me address things that Commissioner Brown wants the citizens to believe. First that 911 director Brown’s discipline was trying to be withheld from Commissioner Brown. Commissioner Brown said he had an open record request and that document was not included. He did not issue that request through the county clerk’s office as required. Commissioner […]

Brown: 9-1-1 is in crisis

Many people are aware of the controversy surrounding the director of the county’s 911 Call Center. The situation began to heat up when former call center employees spoke out at our Board of Commissioners meeting on Dec. 14, 2017. At that time, each commissioner was handed a flash drive with data related to call center […]

Brown: Open records and the commissioners

At the insistence of Fayette Commissioners Randy Ognio and Chuck Oddo, we had a special called meeting last Wednesday to discuss … thinking about it … not really sure? Anyway, I have initiated a new county government program called “Fishing For Documents” and it consists of former 911 Call Center employees baiting a hook with […]

Gibson: New city hall to cost $9-12 million

[Editor’s note: In response to a query about how Fayetteville intends to pay for a new city hall, City Manager Ray Gibson responded.] My schedule is very busy lately with numerous projects and commitments that have put me behind. It is my fault for not being able to get the information out promptly as requested […]

Brown: Lack of transparency by county leaders

We have open meetings and open records laws in the state of Georgia to protect citizens from government abuse. The taxpayers pay the government salaries and expenses and they are entitled to know exactly what is happening within the halls of our local and state governments. I can assure you that there are times when […]

1st Amendment all that’s needed

As a follower of Christ, an ordained Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Atlanta, and a citizen of Fayetteville, I feel compelled to speak to the SB 233 (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) sponsored by state Senator Marty Harbin and recently supported by the Fayette County Commission. The freedom to worship as a Christian and to […]

Fayette County’s message: ‘We discriminate’

I’m compelled to write concerning the actions of our County Commissioners decision to join the fight over “religious liberty.” I’ve lived in Fayette County for over 20 years. Over that time I’ve taken pride in working with my neighbors to make Fayette a great place to raise our families, run our businesses, and serve our […]

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