PTC not as good as we think we are? Really?

I’m certain that I was not alone when drawn to read about Mr. Thompson’s quote in last week’s Citizen. That’s just good newspaper, good old fashioned “clickbait.” However, after reading the article, I am still left with a nagging thought about that quote. Exactly who is the “we” to whom Mr. Thompson refers? If he […]

Mr. Rosemond, stop blaming mothers for mental ills of children

Mr. Rosemond, this past week I read your column titled “Stop Pampering, Indulging, Cocooning Kids“ in our local newspaper, The Citizen. I certainly agree with one of your main arguments: persistence, disappointment, and personal responsibility are absolutely critical in the development of healthy and resilient children. But I don’t understand why you chose to deliver […]

Compare 2 17-year-olds

Audie Murphy vs. David Hogg. Both were 17 years old when events changed their lives. Audie Murphy killed 50 Germans shooting atop a burning tank in a fierce World War II battle, himself wounded, saving his buddies’ lives. Murphy became the most decorated WWII soldier. He received the Medal of Honor. David Hogg, Parkland shooting […]

To save PTC, keep TDK bridge dead

This time the charge to cut Peachtree City in half is led by wannabe mayor and mega-gym owner Mr. Dar Thompson in need of a steady supply of patrons for his gyms, the same Mr. Thompson who is telling us, that Peachtree City is shrinking, while the paper reports that McIntosh High School is building […]

Hey, Peachtree City, stay out of Coweta

I was incensed to read the recent letter from Dar Thompson suggesting that Peachtree City invade Coweta County because he believes that the city has mismanaged its great experiment of creating a planned live, work, play community. Mr. Thompson, PTC has had nearly 60 years to get it right and the decisions made are now […]

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