Tell local officials to push state officials to allow free blocking of telemarketing calls


For the past 15 months, we’ve been bombed, saturated by all these telemarketers’ phone calls telling us this is a recorded line, then they jump right in on their pitch.

This is a waste of my time and misuse of my telephone. I pay the bill so why can’t I have control? Yet, I have no control except pay the bill or remove the phone.

The phone companies could easily allow a one-digit code to press and you want to block this caller from calling again. Cell phones already have this capability and I am using it. It is so easy, and I don’t hear from that caller again.

So, why should the phone companies such as AT&T say they can do this for their customers and pass on a small monthly fee and block these calls from you? A continuous monthly charge? Heck, let me press the code to block my calls and NO monthly charge. This should be a service given with the current charge.

Let’s start on a local level by county and push it up to the state level and see if the politicians in our state can help make a difference in our lives.

If we call, text or mail to our local commissioners asking for some assistance in resolving this issue, we may move this on up the ladder and get the state to talk with our phone companies and give us constituents something back instead of taxing or charging extra on our bill.

Cecil McGuire
Fayetteville, Ga.