My compassion covers the born and the unborn


Yes, Connie Kleysteurber, we unprogressive/right-wingers do have compassion for the “living, breathing people among us.”

Your letter disturbs me because it reminds me that I am believed by many progressives to not care about the earth or the people that inhabit it, and that belief is so wrong about me and all of the conservatives that I know.

We give generously to charities and give much of our time to help those people who cannot help themselves.

Please do not assume that I am not charitable just because I am a right-wing conservative and do not want people in government positions to decide for me how my money should be contributed to others.

My freedom as an American to make my own choices, unless they are illegal, is something I treasure, and upon which I do not want the government to infringe.

Perhaps some would say that making abortion illegal would be infringing on women’s right to choose, which I am not against.

However, my compassion causes me to want to protect the most vulnerable in our society, the living-unborn who is completely dependent upon another.

Jean Ward
Peachtree City, Ga.


    • Hardly a unicorn – Ms. Ward is a self-described unprogressive, right-winged conservative. There’s no mystery to why she longs to condemn women to subservient status. Her “compassion” seeks to keep women barefooted and pregnant and is totally consistent with the Orange Man in office.

      Truth is always stranger than fiction.