Fayette County: Peachtree City Council, tear down the wall


In front of a supportive standing room only crowd, the Fayette County Commission voted Thursday to file a lawsuit against Peachtree City Council to force a reopening of blocked Crabapple Lane.

The council — at the request of some residents of Kedron Hills subdivision — more than two years ago blocked the road at the city limits so that both motor vehicles and golf carts could no longer access the road into the city.

That caused some hardships to Tyrone residents who used that way into Peachtree City. The commission pointed out that no other such entrances into the city were blocked off from county residents.

The entire commission also voted to continue negotiating with the city council to get some relief from the blocked access.

The council has been unyielding in its stance to block the only northern golf cart entrance into the cart path system, the commission noted. 


  1. Question for anyone who might be an attorney or play one on TV: does the county have standing to sue? Certainly, a resident of Tyrone is also a county resident, but as a PTC resident, if I claim injury from a PTC ordinance, I can’t just appeal to the county to overturn it.

  2. I’m with Hometown on this. I also believe municipalities should seek relief from nuisances. Tyrone has had opportunities and not responded. Let the Court decide. This shouldn’t be an expensive legal battle.

  3. If I remember correctly, the city of Tyrone Knew what they needed to do to avoid this, and yet they took no action. I remember their mayor speaking at one of our council meetings, and indicating that they needed more time which they were granted, and still did nothing.

  4. PTC closed the road illegally. A municipality cannot close a county road under Georgia law. Crabapple Lane is a county road. Also, closure is a fire code violation. Subdivision with over 120 homes requires at least 2 entrances. Kedron Hills has 238 homes and now only one entrance!