Split council proceeds to step 2 of eastside annexation request, sets in-city filming fees and rules


Developer Mike Hyde wants to build 23 homes split between two subdivisions in 52 acres on Peachtree City’s east side adjacent to the new Booth Middle School. To do that, he’s asking the City Council to bring his county land into the city, a process known as annexation.

Three members of the council want to take a look at what his plan is, and they formed the majority needed to advance to a Step 2 annexation. That’s where the developer and the city staff dive into the nitty-gritty of what’s wanted by the developer versus what’s allowable under city zoning standards.

Council members Frank Destadio and Clint Holland voted against letting the proposal advance. Holland called it “too dense.”

Councilman Phil Prebor — who is serving out the final year of his term limit — voted to hear the fully developed plan, saying that the city “needs new housing.”  Councilman Mike King and Mayor Kim Learnard also voted to move to Step 2.

A couple of potential roadblocks arose: Splitting the 52 acres into two subdivisions with no internal road access between the two, and the still incomplete paving job needed on Stagecoach Road.

In other actions, the council unanimously approved  the city’s first-ever rules and fees for movie and TV units filming in neighborhoods and on public property.

New City Manager Robert Curnow introduced and got passed a resolution to “pledge to practice and promote civility in the city of Peachtree City.”

“Civility is a foundation for effective governance,” noted Mayor Kim Learnard in her video report of the adoption of the resolution.


  1. Spyglass, I don’t think you even read the proposed plan in the agenda packet. There is a huge Flat Creek Flood Plain and Watershed area that removes big chunks from development. Their idea of conservation is adding flood plain areas to lots so they appear larger.

    Now, Citizen Al is right. We need job producing industry, not housing. The only annexation should be for General Industrial or Commercial land because that produces needed revenue from property and sales tax.

    Stage 2 should never get approved. We need to elect two more conservatives, willing to stand with Holland and Destadio against the Mayor’s march toward urbanization.