Student: Apartments devalue historic Fayetteville


I am a student at Whitewater High School and I had a few concerns with the new apartment building the city is planning to build next to the city square.

I feel that these new and modern apartments will take away the value of our historic city center.

As a student I am also concerned with the effects of the sudden increase of housing units, as the schools will have to service a large amount of new students, once the apartment complexes are completed.

The slogan of Fayetteville has been good growth through slow growth, but with the sudden building of numerous apartment complexes, I fear that Fayetteville will transition into another out of control mini-Atlanta that will not be able to keep up with the demands of a sprawling population.

I feel that the City Council has the obligation to its citizens to maintain the ideals that have kept this area such a high quality and desirable community.

Can we not slow down a little, and think about how this will impact our future?

Robert Donaldson
Fayetteville, Ga.