Prebor announces reelection bid


This letter is to inform you that I am running for Peachtree City Council reelection this November.

It has been an honor to serve on the Peachtree City Council the past four years.

As many of you know I lost my wife, Lali, to cancer earlier this year. It was her wish for me to continue serving on Council because she knew how much I care about Peachtree City.

We citizens are enjoying the benefits of professionalism and teamwork that is enhancing our amazing city. Council, engaged citizens and city staff are working together and reaching common goals.

We have made great strides in maintaining and improving our infrastructure. I want to continue working together with all of the various stakeholders to advance our quality of life.

My four years of experience on council, business experience and education, combined with a large network of customers and friends afford me the ability to serve in the best interest of all 35,000 citizens.

I would sincerely appreciate any type of support in the coming months.

Thank you.
Phil Prebor
Post 1, City Council
Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Mike LaTella,

    Your false claims have been refuted many times.

    I was never found guilty of anything, but those making the false accusations were.

    And you neglect your own history. A big one being the dismantling of the citizen ethics committee because of you.

    For any interested it is covered here with documentation:

    And by the way, on the regional transportation board, the councils had no vote, only the mayors of each city. Three of which supported the TSPLOST. So again you demonstrate you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    You have been silent over the actions of the current and prior council because you supported what they have done.

  2. Don Haddix… You left us scratching our heads asking, “well, gee Don, if not Phil Prebor, then who? Who on earth shall lead our ravaged city back to prosperity?” Wait, I have it! The ever so honest and selfless Don Haddix, the former mayor who was such a fantastic leader of our city. Those were the Days. You did such a great job that in your reelection bid as the incumbent mayor you grabbed a commanding 6% percent of the vote. Let’s face it Don, your time in our city as Mayor was an embarrassment – it was a circus that included the taxpayers footing the bill for a libel suit against you, a full censure by the city council, you being kicked off the regional transportation authority by a vote of Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and Tyrone councils and that hardly scratches the surface. You looked after Don Haddix – not the citizens. Never again Don Haddix, never again.

  3. While I’m sorry for the loss of his wife that is not a reason to vote for him.

    The record of this Council demands it must be asked what alternate reality Peachtree City does he live in?

    The Council record is not one of positive growth and governance.

    Please review his record on