To save PTC, keep TDK bridge dead

This time the charge to cut Peachtree City in half is led by wannabe mayor and mega-gym owner Mr. Dar Thompson in need of a steady supply of patrons for his gyms, the same Mr. Thompson who is telling us, that Peachtree City is shrinking, while the paper reports that McIntosh High School is building […]

Hey, Peachtree City, stay out of Coweta

I was incensed to read the recent letter from Dar Thompson suggesting that Peachtree City invade Coweta County because he believes that the city has mismanaged its great experiment of creating a planned live, work, play community. Mr. Thompson, PTC has had nearly 60 years to get it right and the decisions made are now […]

Fayette Commission subverts open records law

After being in government for 20-years, nothing surprises me anymore. However, it was deeply depressing to watch my colleagues squirm in our March 22 Board of Commissioners meeting as they acted to prohibit elected officials and staff from transmitting records subject to the Georgia Open Records Act in official government communication channels such as BOC […]

Garlock, Decker and muzzling

I read with interest Mr. Decker’s request that columnist Terry Garlock be “muzzled” based on his disagreement with the Ken Burns documentary. There are Vietnam veterans who have vehemently disagreed with me for years but few have ever advocated I be “muzzled.” Both these gentlemen are Army Aviation veterans of Vietnam, from what I can […]