Shelter animals need you, not your petition

Pleas to sign a petition to make Fayette County Animal Shelter a no-kill shelter flood Facebook feeds. It is not citizens’ signatures, but citizens that are most needed. I envisioned a dog pound as a jail where dogs lived in numbered cages and were fed between the cracks. After visiting and beginning to volunteer at […]

New animal policy ‘huge step backward’

The Citizen’s coverage of the July 13 Board of Commissioners’ vote on the new euthanasia policy for the Fayette County Animal Shelter, including Commissioner Ognio’s explanation of his position, is misleading. Commissioner Ognio and Citizen reporter Ben Nelms (as well as the CBS reporter who interviewed Commissioner Ognio) are spinning this new policy as a […]

Citizens want, deserve input on animal shelter policies

For some reason, the other Fayette commissioners have changed the dynamics of the animal shelter argument. This is not an “our hands are tied and there’s nothing we can do” kind of argument. The Humane Society and other animal advocacy groups are asking for simple, straightforward changes to make county government’s practices more humane, less […]

Hwy. 54 should be widened, not just repaved

I live, work and play between Peachtree City and Fayetteville, and have to enter Ga. Highway 54 at least three times a day. The traffic along this corridor is getting more and more congested, and it will only get worse as the region grows. The Georgia Department of Transportation has scheduled Hwy. 54 to be […]

Medical, biologic aspects needed in LGBTQ discussion

Recently our school system has taken upon itself, without our input, to instill LGBTQ educational information to our school nurses. Much like the ill-fated and unproven adoption of Common Core, the education system has proceeded with its own agenda, with no true understanding of what it is imparting to the school staff members and being […]