The most interesting thing at the GDOT Town Hall


I attended the GDOT Town Hall on April 16 about the 54/74 project and there was one question and answer that I didn’t fully appreciate until later. I left before the session was over, so perhaps this did come up later, if so, please cue Emily Littella.

So — the question was something to the effect of “what can you do about people blocking the box?” and the response was something like “not much, that depends on the people in PTC behaving properly”. Scattered laughter and groans ensued.

But something struck me later — the bloke from GDOT was asked about “blocking the box.” If you use that term to a PTC resident we know you’re referring to Northbound 74 traffic turning West onto 54. I suspect that he didn’t realize that was the real question and was thinking of all traffic going through the intersection.

However, I think the really good news is that the answer to the real question is — this will end all “blocking the box”. Seriously — the DLT will mean that the NB74 to WB 54 traffic won’t impede SB 74 traffic any more.

I know there are quite a few PTC residents who wonder if this project will be worth the hassle, but if I’m right, and “box blocking” will cease, that’s a significant improvement that I hadn’t appreciated until recently.

Steve Metz

Peachtree City, Ga.