Local cell phone coverage inadequate, maybe unsafe


I would like to respectfully bring the lack of adequate cell phone coverage in our city to the attention of the general public through the column of your renowned newspaper.

I live in Rockspray subdivision and our cell phone coverage is dismal. I can’t go on my front porch without a call dropping. Another example, my room has no phone service. My sister’s room right next to mine has phone service.

I have noticed in Newnan phone service rarely drops and I am curious why. But most importantly, if there is no cell phone service, citizens are not able to call emergency services in case of an emergency.

I would like to hypothesize that there are two possible reasons, the first is that there are not enough cell phone towers here in Peachtree City, GA. Secondly, it could be due to the large influx of people moving here to Peachtree City with not enough band width to cover the additional usage.

Respectfully, this is coming from a 13-year-old kid who likes to be on his phone.

Colt Prater

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Never had an issue with cell service. One thing to consider, was this letter written to try and get approval for the cell tower that they want to put up at the entrance of Kedron Village?? This is a totally inappropriate place for a tower. Just sayin…

      • This tower will be in the same lot as a daycare, Oxford Trails. It will face the entrance to a neighborhood. No one knows what the radiation from a tower so close to children could do to them down the road. We are talking children playing within 300 ft of this thing. A tower does not belong in this location, period….

    • The letter writer identifies himself as a 13 year old kid. My guess is that he wrote this letter as one of requirements to earn the Communication Merit Badge for the Boy Scouts, or similar. Both of my sons were Eagle Scouts and wrote letters to the Citizen as one of the requirements Personally I think it is a very well written letter that expresses a valid concern that he and many others have. He has laid out the problem, given examples, and hypothesized the reason for the problem, leaving the reader to draw a conclusion.
      He should be commended for his efforts.

  2. We had the same issue. Just started being terrible all of a sudden. After several weeks of talking with the carrier, they sent us a Network Extender box for free and the problem has been fixed. Good Luck

  3. A very well written letter Colt! I commend you for reaching out to the local news source and bringing attention to a real issue that deserves our conversation. I live off McDuff in west PTC and myself service is very much a lacking! During my time in the military, I had opportunity to live in many parts of this country and sadly, PTC has been the worst about cell phone service.

    I do recall some years ago there was a push to get a cell phone tower in PTC, but there was much opposition. The last I remember of it was that it was to be dressed up like a local tree?? Not sure what came of it. Maybe someone can fill in the gaps for us on that.

  4. It’s because of the trees. No joke. Cell signal – even 5G – still does not penetrate walls or trees good enough to not cut signal strength. It’s not a density problem, I get better service is huge metro areas. I have a tower in front of my neighborhood, less than a quarter mile away and still only get 2 bars.

    Cell carriers assume you will use Wi-Fi for calling at home, sadly. Bigger or more towers could help a little, but if it’s not a clear line of sight from the tower to your location, problems will persist. You could spend for a cell booster, but unless you spend big bucks, even that has mixed results.