Built by Eagle Scouts, boardwalk is civic jewel and worthy of repair


Mayor and Council, do any of you know the history of the [Flat Creek Nature Area] boardwalk in Peachtree City?

Not only is that amenity one of the most loved nature related projects in the entire city, but it’s also a series of Eagle Scout projects built throughout the years by hundreds of our local Boy Scouts.

It has remained one of the most significant and enduring Eagle Scout projects in the State of Georgia, providing recreational enjoyment and natural beauty. It is one of the jewels of our municipality.
Every city administration since the project was constructed has maintained this valuable asset, including tree fall repairs which happened several times while I was in office.
Hacking such a civic project into pieces shows a severe lack of pride in our community and the achievement of the youth in our city.
I hope you will reconsider your priorities and repair this impressive project symbolizing the contributions our young citizens make towards the betterment of our city.
I look forward to your response.
Steve Brown
Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. It’s a tough to hear that repairing the boardwalk is “too expensive” while I’m sitting here filling out an appeal for my property tax assessment for the second year in a row because it’s a 60% increase in assessed value from the previous year. In trying to find comps, in looks like the increase in property taxes from half of my street alone would cover the repair of the boardwalks. Maybe we should get a petition going.

  2. One of the very few times I’ve agreed with what’s his name. Yes, $200k is a lot of money, but it isn’t going to get any cheaper. Were an upscale community that needs to maintain that status. I’m happily surprised our Mayor supported repair – I didn’t expect that. Is there some sort of structure that can be insured after trees are cut back and repairs made? The current decision by the council is short-sighted, as it seems with many of their decisions during their tenure.

  3. I agree with Mr. Brown that Eagle Scout projects are important, and that the nature walk is a very nice area. I just personally feel that $200k, what I understand the bill would be to repair, is excessive for the city to pay at this time. Maybe there could be some private funds raised.
    $200k will go a long way for more cart path security (much needed IMHO) and other projects that more citizens use.