Covid-19 vaccine boosters and masks mandated for staff at Piedmont Fayette Hospital


Workers at Piedmont Fayette Hospital in Fayetteville, Georgia have recently been informed that in the next month, they must each receive the latest Covid-19 vaccine booster, or they will be required to wear a mask while at work for five months.

The vaccine or mask mandates are not based on the preponderance of data showing their safety or effectiveness. Rather, they appear to be based simply on financial motivation or visible political gestures.

None of the Covid-19 vaccines have ever been tested for their safety or effectiveness because they were introduced as an emergency measure.

Facts now show that there are many side effects of the vaccines. Myocarditis, cancer, and a huge number of excess deaths that only started occurring after the introduction of these untested vaccines.

Also, evidence shows that Covid-19 antibodies in those who have gotten the disease have a higher effectiveness in Covid-19 prevention then vaccines.

Mask evidence showing their ineffectiveness has been shielded by Mainstream Media because masks were a VISIBLE gesture showing people were doing their part to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Facts are that the virus is spread in AEROSOLS which easily penetrate through ALL masks used in hospitals, even if you wear multiple masks at one time.

A VERY short list of [headline] evidence about Masks includes:

• CDC Says Existing COVID Antibodies Work Against New Variant

• Cancers Appearing in Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations

• DNA in Vaccines linked to Cancer.

• 2023 Wk 36 Ongoing Cancer EXCESS Update Shows Vaccine introduction as the start of excess deaths

• Covid-19 Vaccine — Associated Mortality Study in Southern Hemisphere shows definite causal links in peaks in all-cause mortality.

• The US COVID mitigation measures resulted in 90X higher COVID deaths.

• Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough asked European lawmakers to take COVID-19 vaccines off the market, warning that the vaccines are responsible for a host of illnesses, including heart inflammation, blood clots, and neurological diseases.

• A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination

A VERY short list of evidence about Masks includes:

• A preponderance of Science against Mask Mandates

This video proves that anyone demanding the return of mask mandates is either ignorant, just virtue signaling or both.

• Doctor uses vape to show how masks don’t work

• Ineffectiveness of Mandating Masks to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection

• Masks may cause stillbirths

• US Doctors’ Group Says All Mask Mandates ‘Must Be Rescinded’

• More Than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms

Brian Hamilton

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Why are all those fired for not getting the vax in 2020 getting vindicated in court? These mandates are crap. Proof upon proof had been shown they do not prevent infection, only possibly serious complications. If it doesn’t prevent infection it should be a personal choice. It isn’t protecting you from being infected by EITHER a vaxed or noon vaxed person. Stop this bologna that it is a kindness to your neighbor.

    • Al, I believe the mandates saved lives. I don’t feel like going into the weeds to prove it, but I do believe they saved lives. That’s what governments are supposed to do, protect.

      As for “Stop this bologna that it is a kindness to your neighbor,” you certainly have a right to not listen to bologna or anything else. Actively demonstrating “kindness to your neighbor” is simply a motivating value for some of us, as in the “Golden Rule” or “give our lives for our brother.” I don’t believe any of us are trying to force anyone into a position where one has to mask, other than through governmental means. The bottom line seems to be either you care about your neighbor (friends, relatives, general population) or you don’t. A lot of us do, I’m sorry you don’t.

  2. Here we go again. You could tell election time is near. Everyone start wearing a diaper on your face.
    I spent 4 weeks in Piedmont ICU due to covid, so I was told. Turns out, I had a bad case of bronchial infection. One doctor and I talked about ‘mask wearing’. He told me, it does not work. I also found out, at the beginning of all the hysteria, the Feds were paying ALL hospitals up to $30,000 per confirmed patients admitted. Governor Cuomo even complained, his state of NY was getting less than hospitals in North Dakota. I had a good friend who passed away at a BIG hospital in Atlanta (to be nameless) from cancer. His death certificate stated reason was, ‘covid related’ . His wife was livid, threatening to sue the hospital for falsifying the death certificate. He was in the hospital with cancer before covid was even known about….point being, this is all hysteria allowing many to become rich on the suffering of the public.
    Wake up, people

    • Yes, tverifiable COVID he Government did, in fact, pay a reimbursement to hospitals for COVID inpatient care. Otherwise, the hospitals would have ceased operations.

      I assume your bronchial infection was treated with antibiotics and not antiviral drugs. I’m not calling you a liar, or anything. I will say the story about your conversation with one doctor is mostly unbelievable. Maybe you were speacking to doctor whose degree was political science. The rest is pure nonsense to risk management.

    • If you look Gcort449 at the last 100 years, the mortality rate here in this country has seen a steady gradual linear increase, year over year. Mortality rate = total # of deaths by the way. According to the US Census Bureau, that rate is about 1.5% increase each year, on average. However, in 2020, that rate, regardless of the cause of death, spiked about 19%. The following year in 2021, that rate remained the same (19.6%) when compared to the 2019 levels and years prior. And I think we all know what the cause of death was that contributed to that dramatic and alarming increase.

  3. Brian Hamilton of PTC, letter writer to the Citizen above, will no doubt be disappointed to read that the Nobel Prize in Medicine has been awarded to (just this week) biochemist K Kariko and immunologist D Weissman for their years of work that enabled the development of mRNA vaccines, specifically against COVID-19. Said the Nobel committee, “The vaccines have been administered more than 13 billion times, saved millions of lives and prevented millions of cases of severe COVID-19.” Yet Brian would like readers to think there are still significant safety and efficacy concerns on these “untested vaccines” which he calls them.

  4. You can call people liars all day everyday but the truth has already been coming out. How many fingers are pointing back at yourselves? Pharmaceutical companies re notorious for harming people. Name calling is used by people that have no other rebuttals.
    Be scared. But be scared in your homes. Other people are strong and are not scared to live life. Death is part of living.. 100%. Grow up and stop pushing your fears onto people that pay attention.

      • Maybe instead of her kind being told to mask up or stay at home – it should be the other way around: if folk don’t like anti-vax and anti-mask walking around then THEY are the ones that should stay home?

        • Oh! I see. She’s thinking that “fearless” people who are willing to contract and spread a deadly disease willy-nilly have a better claim on public spaces than those “frightened” souls who believe in science and in being good neighbors by protecting each other from harm as best we can.

          I guess if that is the society MsV prefers, the society of mentally stunted and selfish folks to the society of self-aware and caring folks, then she is welcome to it.

          To me it seems like the idea of taking a vaccine once in a while for the sake of the greater good would make for a more congenial (and healthier!) community, even if citizens of that community do have a healthy respect for the impact of a pandemic (“fearful”).

        • Oh! This just occurred to me! If MsV and other anti-vax, anti-mask folks are truly fearless and refuse to be frightened of germs/viruses/pandemics, would she like to be treated in a hospital where no one uses antiseptics? Would she prefer workers at Piedmont Fayette come to work and offer her treatment while they have colds, flu, measles, etc. because she is STRONG AND NOT SCARED TO LIVE LIFE? If not, then she’s being a bit specious to declare she is too strong and unafraid to live in a world with vaccines, but not strong and unafraid enough to go to a hospital with no regard for transmissible disease prevention …

  5. Amazing how these workers were all considered “Heroes” back in the early days of the chinese coronavirus….and now they’ll get fired or mandated to mask up if they refuse to take a jab that has been shown to have direct correlations to higher incidents of myocarditis, blood clotting issues and numerous other vascular issues. Take it if you want….but don’t mandate this vaccine.

    • In that they were:
      watching patients die every day, and knew those who were being treated in isolated COVID areas were going to die as well,
      still continued caring for those patients and risking transmitting COVID to their families,
      while being afraid to attend church when they most needed intercessory prayer,
      yes, they were are still are heroes. A soldier will not enter a fight unless ordered.

      If you don’t accept the vaccination, mask up or stay home. I don’t need you around me.

      • If you’re vaccinated with this amazing, effective vaccine, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about….so why demand / expect those who choose to not take the vaccine to stay away from you?

        Meanwhile…..people with natural immunity are faring better than those who’ve been vaccinated….food for thought…..

        • I don’t believe it’s a matter of worrying. I believe it’s a matter of consideration for others. Though you may have a natural immunity and a virus doesn’t affect you, you may still carry the virus and affect others. “Typhoid Mary” may provide an example.

          • Having “immunity” doesn’t necessarily prevent an infection, immunity denotes the infection has a minimal or no affect. For example, I am immune to the affects of poison ivy. However, if I allow my poison ivy infected clothes to rub against someone else, they will probably feel the affects with a much higher degree than I. The affect a virus has upon an infected person does not directly correlate to the affect of a same-viral infection upon another. Thus, one who has “immunity” to a specific virus may possibly kill someone with limited or no immunity to the same specified virus.

            Vaccinations do not prevent infections, they limit viral affects (in most cases). A N95 masks do not prevent all infections, they reduce the risk of getting an infection, the risk is reduced far more if all parties in close proximity are wearing masks.

            I say again, if you are not getting vaccinated or wearing a mask, don’t come around me. Of course, this is limited to times when viral outbreaks are developing and occurring.

          • Hiya Doug T–Exactly! As you say, “I don’t believe it’s a matter of worrying. I believe it’s a matter of consideration for others.”

            (And thank you for feeling that way.)

            I remember back in the earliest days of COVID, I was hesitant to wear a face-mask. Everything was new to us; unfolding daily.

            And as you suggest–I wasn’t overly worried. I have lived a long, contented life. As an Orthodox Christian, I don’t dread the next.

            But then I heard that the mask does not protect the one wearing it. It protects those around them. Same goes for the distancing guides. And all the shut down protocol. Including the vaccines and boosters.

            Since then, I have been more than happy to be a part of one human family. It’s called the greater good. It’s called being in this together.

            To paraphrase Louis Armstrong, what I’m really saying is, “I love you”.

          • Doug, you said “…..I don’t believe it’s a matter of worrying. I believe it’s a matter of consideration for others. Though you may have a natural immunity and a virus doesn’t affect you, you may still carry the virus and affect others. “Typhoid Mary” may provide an example….”

            Now take your statement, and substitute “natural immunity” with “vaccine immunity”……your statement is essentially the same. People with immunity from a vaccine (which has shown to be shorter-lasting than natural immunity, by the way) can still carry the virus and spread it to others.

            So now tell me – why all the hate and bias against those who don’t choose to take a vaccine they don’t believe in?

        • RE: the_wing_t, October 5, 2023 at 5:30 pm
          Wing, I don’t hate you, or anyone else. I do not hate or hold any “bias against those who don’t choose to take a vaccine they don’t believe in.” I will like to think nobody does. If I say, don’t come around me if you don’t vaccinate or wear a mask, it’s not personal. What does bother me is the why one does not accept vaccination and/or wear a mask (hopefully N95) when around others. My context remains ia viral outbreak environment (like COVID).

          If you experience animosity with this subject, you may just see developing frustration. What we write, say and do influences others.

          • I guess my point is this – the part of your statement that says “If you don’t accept the vaccination, mask up or stay home. I don’t need you around me.” – why all the vitriol towards people like me and millions of others who chose not to take a vaccine that in my opinion (and many others) wasn’t worth the risk?

            The vaccination-induced immunity has been proven to be less effective and less long-lasting than natural immunity derived from those who actually got covid. The antibodies produced naturally work better and last longer than those spurred on by the vaccine. So that leads me to the question – why single out those who chose not to get vaccinated, when they’re no more or no less likely to catch and carry it (assuming that we’ve all had covid by now, which from what I read is a likely scenario).

            I’ll give you my case in point – I was sick as a dog in December 2019…..likely the sickest I’ve been in my life. High temps, chills, body aches, and fatigue, which lasted 3+ days. I was wiped out. But doctors said it was “just something viral that was going around” and I treated it like I would the flu – rest, fluids, Vitamin C, and clean eating. Fast forward to Feb 2020 when covid became more popular – my job in the infrastructure industry meant I was busier than ever during covid….things never slowed down and I never stayed home. I (and about 90% of the people I encountered on a daily basis in my work travels) didn’t mask up, we didn’t stop working, we kept working side by side to keep the lights, power, water, and fiber flowing to the rest of the country. Guess what – I didn’t catch it during the mass hype of 2020. I had the natural immunity from getting covid in December 2019, before it was “a thing”. Finally, over 15 months later in early 2021 when I lost my taste and smell briefly, along with other symptoms consistent with a minor sinus infection, I got tested and tested positive. A couple of days later after a heavy zinc / Vitamin C & D intake, and a lot of water, I was back at work. Zero side effects and zero discomfort.

            There’s no need to turn this into a tribal mentality – “you’re either with me or against me”. No one judges you for taking the vaccine. If you’re in a high risk category with multiple risks (cardiovascular issues, overweight, circulatory issues, etc) and you think it’s worth the risk to take the mRNA vaccine, go for it. But just because it may or may not be worth it to you, doesn’t give you the right to decree it upon all of us. Maybe the rest of us are healthier. Maybe our immune systems are stronger, we’re in a lower risk category, or maybe we just don’t trust the vaccine since it was rushed out and has a very short window of effectiveness. If you take the vaccine – then great, you should be fine….why stress out over who’s around you? You’ve got to stop living in fear. One more thing – you know what’s even more effective than mandating everyone else around you get the jab or wear a mask that doesn’t work? What’s even more effective is taking care of your own health…..exercising….proper rest….healthy eating…..being outdoors….healthy self-care. Those things matter WAY more than a vaccine with limited efficacy.

            I guess the reason I”m so fired up about this is – we have to stop believing the hype and hysteria that are being shoved on us daily. It’s dividing us and killing our unity in this country. Your “get away if you don’t have the jab” is just a small example of this hysteria. It’s based strictly on emotion and not logic.

  6. OMG I am so glad Brian took the time to copy and paste all those “headlines” about the dangers of vaccines and masks! This makes it easier to look them up and discover they are all from the most dubious sources or have actually been debunked/retracted already. For instance, he cites this “headline”:

    • A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination

    I googled that and found “This preprint has been removed by Preprints with The Lancet because the study’s conclusions are not supported by the study methodology” LOL! If all of Brian’s information is this good, I think we can be assured we do not need to look to him for medical advice.

    Another of my favorites:

    “• The US COVID mitigation measures resulted in 90X higher COVID deaths.”

    This is from the Steve Kirsch substack, and he is a notorious anti-vaxxer and source of vaccine disinformation. If you look at the stupid claim, he is saying that the unvaccinated Aimish had 90% lower death rates from covid than any other segment of the population, but that is just not true. It’s hard to get straight facts on the Aimish because of their self-imposed isolation, but researchers found their death rates were similar to the rest of the US in 2020, and by 2022 and 2023 when covid deaths dropped significantly across the country, they remained elevated among the unvaccinated Aimish. What Kirsch (and Brian here) tout as proof of the vaccine’s danger actually demonstrates the opposite.

    Brian, you apparently use the internet every day, and yet you cannot tell fake from fact. As much as you might not want to face it, the mainstream media offers you a better look at covid news than does a biased hack like Kirsch or flawed and retracted studies.

    I wouldn’t even bother to reply to this except that your egregious spewing of disinformation could endanger you or your neighbors. For their sake, for your sake, please embrace common sense instead of reactionary (and right-wing?) conspiracy theories. If you need to know how to tell what is fake news and what is nominally trustworthy, here is a little list compiled by the Liturgists to help you navigate:

    1 – who wrote this s**t? (Most news articles will list an author’s name)
    2 – who would publish it? Do they have an editorial review board? (Look for news outlets that are established, not someone’s substack – Credible news sources have an editorial review board)
    3 – there’s no date, you see (make sure there’s a date the story was posted! Circulating old news happens a lot among the uninformed!)
    4 – you gonna cite that source? (real news outlets tell you where they got their information and what qualifies that source to be listened to)
    5 – this b**ch can’t write (if there are mistakes in spelling and grammar, it is probably fake news)

    If you want to memorize this list in a song, google The Liturgists Fake News Lyrics, and you can listen to it.

    Please no one believe Brian here! He is quoting headlines that are untrue! Vaccines can save your life, and masks can help you keep your neighbors healthy. God bless you!

  7. Although I doubt it will change anyone’s minds, Mr. Hamilton’s screed here is nothing more than a crock of…lies, to be polite. Starting from his very first claim that “[n]one of the Covid-19 vaccines have ever been tested for their safety or effectiveness because they were introduced as an emergency measure.”

  8. Why is it only the most poorly informed people have time to write letters to the editor?

    COVID-19 vaccinations went through all 3 phases of clinical trial. The animal and human trials ran concurrently to speed it up, where they normally are sequential. Emergency Use Authorization unlocked funding and speed up the testing, did NOT approve skipping it.

    Furthermore, they have efficacy rates of 70-95%! They work, just not 100% of the time, like almost every other vaccine.

    Masks reduce transmission as well, and by proxy prevented deaths, during the worst of the pandemic.