Council candidate Imker: Stop stealing my campaign signs


I hate to bring this up but I’ve had so many of my supporters ask why they are not seeing my campaign signs around town. The quick answer is, “They are being stolen.”

I know this because code enforcement has assured me they have none of my signs in storage for having been placed illegally. That means someone or some group is on a mission to steal them.

I’ve had over 40 signs stolen recently. The strange thing is the signs that were on commercial areas (I asked permission of course) they were stolen and Moore signs were put up. I asked Ms. Johnson, the other candidate in the Post 1 race and she said she and her supporters never touch other candidates’ signs.

Both Ms. Brown and Ms. Johnson have told me their signs are being stolen. It’s amazing the Painter and Moore signs don’t disappear! I made the statement to my supporters to never touch another candidate’s sign. If you think a sign is not placed right, call code enforcement.

Another thing I notice that no one else may have figured out is that it seems 95% of the Moore signs are at the same places and homes that my opponent in the mayor’s race 2 years ago were at. In that race over 70 of my signs were stolen.

Apparently the mission is to stop Imker by cheating and stealing. I understand the desire to have that puppet vote on council to continue the policies of Moore dense housing, Moore traffic and Moore taxes.

I have also been contacted by several of my supporters who have been contacted by Moore people saying dishonest things about me trying to get them to take my sign down and put up a Moore sign. This is abhorrent.

My friends, if you have a Moore sign, do you really want more dense pack housing, more traffic and more taxes? This is what you’d be voting for if you check that box. Be careful of the dishonest information you are being given. This is the way dishonest political tactics are used. I will not lower myself to those standards.

Eric Imker

Candidate for City Council Post #1

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not justifying anyone stealing another person’s property…but: “C’mon man.”

    You are really going to equate a sign being stolen to “cheating and stealing”? I’d bet dollars to donuts no one has EVER looked at a sign and said “you know what, I’m going to vote for that person because of the SIGN.”

    To quote Mr. Engvall: Here’s your sign.

  2. Eric, this is a profoundly serious issue. The integrity of candidates both during elections and after they’ve been elected is fundamental to our system of government. I’d be delighted to help you in addressing this matter.

    Could you please provide the information for all 40 sign locations and the respective business contact details? I will personally contact each business on the provided list to investigate this mystery thoroughly.