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This year a record 42 schools participated in the Mahaffey Orthodontics All Smiles Award. The All Smiles Award was created by Dr. Mike Mahaffey to recognize good attitude and character in students in grades 4 through 8. Typically chosen by their teachers, All Smiles winners are students who make others around them smile. Mahaffey and Linkous Orthodontics gives a $100 gift card to each award winner as well as a certificate and a yard sign. Mahaffey Orthodontics also gave each elementary school $200 and each middle school $300 to put toward awards day programs.

“Now that I’m raising children of my own in Peachtree City,” said Dr. Eric Linkous, “I love that our award is for a kid with an infectiously good attitude.”

School administrators appreciated the opportunity to encourage their students. Robyn Johnson with Whitewater Middle wrote, “Thank you so much for this opportunity, the students were so happy to receive the award.”

“Trinity Christian School is so thankful for the All Smiles Program and the generosity of Dr. Mahaffey and Dr. Linkous. Our students are always so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate each other with the All Smiles Award. At TCS we want to honor and celebrate those students who go above and beyond to make our school culture positive and healthy. The All Smiles Program gives us that opportunity. Thank you again, Dr. Mahaffey and Dr. Linkous, for your ongoing support to our school,” said Adam Vinson, Upper Elementary and Middle School Principal at Trinity.

Students also were thrilled to win. At Trinity Christian School, the 6th grade winner Elle Jerger said, “I was very excited because I really didn’t think it was going to be me, because we had so many great people in our grade.” Newnan resident Elle decided to combine her All Smiles Amazon gift card with her savings and earnings from a small business she runs making earrings to buy herself an iPad, her first big purchase.

Besides being an All Smiles Award winner, Elle is also a patient at Mahaffey and Linkous Orthodontics, where she’ll have her braces removed later this month. Her mom Erin Jerger said that working with the practice has been a “smooth process from day one. Everyone is so friendly and professional.”

Another All Smiles Award Winner also is a Mahaffey and Linkous Orthodontics patient. Eleven-year-old Leah Gregory, a 5th grade winner from Sara Harp Minter Elementary in Fayetteville said she was also “excited and shocked” to win. Her mother Kimberly said about the award, “It means so much more for us, because she brings a lot of joy to us. It’s nice to know that her smile makes other people happy. She went through a lot with her mouth, getting her smile from oral surgery, to an expander, to braces.” Kimberly appreciated Dr. Mahaffey’s guidance and consultation when it came to choosing a path for Leah’s smile.

“We love sponsoring the All Smiles Award each year. And it is nice when we have seen the smiles of a couple of the award winners before,” said Dr. Mike Mahaffey. “We congratulate all of the winners this year, and hope this will encourage all local students to bring their best to the classroom.”

Parents looking to schedule a free consultation regarding braces to help their child love his or her smile are encouraged to call Mahaffey and Linkous Orthodontics at 770-487-6439 or visit peachtreecitybraces.com.

Mahaffey Orthodontics All Smiles Winners 2022

Coweta County, Elementary: Arbor Springs: 4th Faith Elbrecht, 5th Brooke Muller; Canongate: 4th Emily Wallin, 5th Jasmin Perez; Newnan Crossing: 4th Aria Schatzberg, 5th Jamarcus Alford; Poplar Road: 5th Lyla Ballard, Ty Marlowe; Thomas Crossroads: 4th Josey Johnson, 5th Ansley Wallace; Welch: 4th Colt Troxler, 5th Sara Casas Tibaguy; White Oak: 4th Emoni Sewell, 5th Njammeh Touray; Willis Road: 4th Elise Nagle, 5th Marlee Goddard

Coweta County, Middle: Arnall: 6th Kin Apecena, 7th Aleighyah Kekoanui, 8th Angelina Boscarello; Blake Bass: 6th Joelle Valentino, 7th Bethany LaVancha, 8th Gabe Williams; East Coweta: 6th Carley Higgins, 7th Eddie Hubbard, 8th Marquis Racliff; Lee: 6th Antavious Bussie, 7th Addisyn Hasberger, 8th Michael Dorsey

Fayette County, Elementary: Braelinn: 5th Ty Marlowe, Paige Schwartz; Cleveland: 5th Chase White, Emmerson Perkins; Crabapple Lane: 5th Kate Trout; Fayetteville: 5th Sidney Carter, Iris Mitchell; Huddleston: 4th Ethan Bushmire, 5th Chloe Lee, Olivia Lopez ; Inman: 4th Alex Lofton, 5th Nicole Dougherty; Kedron: 5th Arya Kannan, Missy Knight; North Fayette: 5th Arianna Castillo; Oak Grove: 4th Chelsea Pierce, 5th Davai Simpson; Peachtree City: 4th Anna Roberts, 5th Kallie Sutherland; Peeples: 4th Alisa Chmielewski, 5th Annie Phillips; Robert J Burch: , 4th Stella Bracken, 5th Joshua Francis; Sara Harp Minter: 5th Jennings Bowman, Leah Gregory; Spring Hill Elementary: 5th Blessing Obinna, Phoebe Flintoff

Fayette County, Middle: Bennett’s Mill: 6th Micah Kell, 7th Dallas Bussey, 8th Oly Colon Cambo; Flat Rock: 6th Abram Anaya, 7th Wanda Holder, 8th Ta’Zariah McCoy; JC Booth: 6th Callie Knapp, 7th Rolando Nunez, 8th Addison Rogers; Rising Starr: 6th Andi McQuade, 7th Matthew Wright, 8th Anna Bruijn; Whitewater: 6th Maggie Noriega, 7th Nathaniel Torres, 8th Madison Burt

Pike County: Elementary: 4th Scott Hall, 5th Savanna Sowell; Middle: 6th Raegan Burch, Beau Chisholm, 7th Kaylee Landers, Jagger Mayfield, 8th Ariah Chamlee, Noah Meadows

Charter and Private Schools: Coweta Charter Academy: 4th Logan Coste, 5th Lalia Hunter, 6th Hannah Hill, 7th Micah Yancy, 8th Adam Cherniske; Liberty Tech Charter: 4th Ayden Tuck, 5th Avery Langford, 6th Andrew Boumeester, 7th Lily Swan, 8th Skyler Cason; Central Christian: 4th Maryanne McDaniel, 5th Kathryn Grace Lane, 6th Tucker Handley, 7th Lawson Freeman, 8th Kaden Jones; Crosspointe Christian: 4th Olivia Williamson, 5th Kinsie Kennedy, 6th Cayson Smiles, 7th  Rebekah Wessels, 8th Beckham Cohran; Grace Christian: 4th Mary Christopher, 5th Montay Griffin, 6th Michael Dobbs, 7th Anthony Powell, 8th Kennedy Christopher; Landmark Christian: 6th McKenna Echols, 7th Noah Braxton, 8th Macie Churi; St. Paul Lutheran: 4th Katherine “Pippa” Conrad, 5th Harriet “Hattie” Kasinger, 6th Eric Dietrich, 7th Mayah Spieler, 8th Timothy “Timo” Tigue; The Bedford School: 4th Katy Mae Dearolph, 5th Carter June Dearolph, 6th Maci Wyatt, 7th Max Snyder, 8th Margaret Meyer; Trinity Christian: 4th Brooks Baldwin, 5th Colton Withrow,  6th Elle Jerger, 7th Harper Douglas, 8th Ben Sprague