Fake verses: Democrats reinterpret what Bible teaches


Recently, Democratic candidate for president Pete Buttigieg did an interview wherein he once again castigated Republicans, and especially Mike Pence (boy, does he hate him some Mike Pence), for being rank hypocrites when it comes to Christianity and their political policies.

His main point was that “most of what Jesus said” was about helping the poor, which is not true, by the way. But never mind. Biblical accuracy is always trumped by biblical opportunism in Mayor Pete’s worldview.

Of course, this accusation is as old as the ages for in liberal/left-leaning circles, unless you actively support government spending to alleviate poverty and its effects, you are harming the poor. And there is a fair debate to have about which methods are best to help the poor and how much of the help should be public vs. private.

But we are far beyond such reasonable debates in our times. No. What’s standard practice now is to impugn not only one’s policies, but one’s very character and religious faith if they do not support the leftist view of public welfare.

As I mentioned in a previous letter, this is rich coming from the party who has systematically attempted to eliminate the Bible and Christianity from public discourse. Talk about hypocrites …

But in this same interview, Mayor Pete went on to make a rather startling biblical claim: He said that the scripture says life doesn’t begin until a child has its “first breath.” If such a claim is true, one supposes, that means that life does not begin at conception, but at birth and that it is therefore perfectly okay, biblically speaking, to have an abortion up to the moment of birth.

Voila! The Democrats’ increasingly radical views on abortion now have biblical justification! If only Hillary had known that back in 2016, maybe she would’ve done a bit better.

However, the problem with Mayor Pete’s biblical exegesis is that it is completely fallacious. The Bible does speak of God’s breathing life into humans, but it is a metaphor, not a literal, medical description of how life begins.

And then there are those pesky lines from the Bible wherein God says “Before you were in the womb, I knew you” and “Thou shalt not kill.” Oh, and Jesus, the Son of God and God himself, in fact, came to the world as a baby. His humanity (and divinity) were explicitly recognized in utero when John the Baptist leaped with joy inside his mother, Elizabeth, when she greeted Mary, who at the time was in the very early stages of her pregnancy with Jesus.

And the earliest collection of Christian teachings, the Didache, was written in the first century AD and explicitly condemned abortion.

But in the upside-down world of Democratic Christianity, this is all a huge mistake. No. The Bible and the faith that springs from it are not only not against abortion, but in fact approve it up to the moment of birth.

The sick and twisted nature of this position was highlighted in this interview when the interviewer made this repugnant comment about the necessity of abortion, how it was necessary because “sometimes I get the wrong woman pregnant.”

Mayor Pete’s response to this truly misogynistic, disgusting comment? A little chuckle.

That is to be expected when your moral universe is so completely upside-down and inside-out, and when your knowledge of the Bible has been perverted to justify the intentional killing of the most innocent among us.

So, no, I won’t be voting for the Democratic ticket this election, no matter how much the claim to help the poor or immigrants because, at the end of the day, no amount of crocodile tears for those unfortunate groups can cover-up the guilt and atrocity of their absolute commitment to destroying unborn children in the womb.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. This might be funny if it wasn’t for the galactic hypocrisy of the Evangelical “Christian” Right in our country. You are full of hate and judgment “pick-and-choose” Bible readers who elevate certain verses to doctrine while ignoring others totally. If y’all are so “pro-life” you’d bend over backward to PREVENT pregnancy and you’d be for extensive robust sex-education, not “abstinence-only”, you’d work to make birth control widely available, but you don’t. You’d vote to fund healthcare, both pre-natal and post-birth for the mother AND the child, but YOU DON’T. I could go on, but you get the point. The only people who believe you are actually Christian are yourselves – REAL Christian America just pities you.

    • Missy – Look on the bright side. By totally condoning the **** Grabber in Chief, these evangelicals have forever forfeited any semblance of moral high ground. They can’t add salt or light to anything now, and they gave up their birthright for so rancid a bowl of soup. They can selectively quote any verse in the canon, but no one will ever give two-cents for the opinions of Pharisaical hypocrites.

      Truth is always stranger than fiction.