A Tyrone couple shows gratitude to first responders


Hi, my name is Avrohom Chayempour. I’m a Chabad Rabbi in Tyrone, Ga., serving the Jewish community. I moved from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Georgia and 9/11 is something that really hits home by me.

I thought this small story might be of benefit to those like myself and members from our community. It’s about a small appreciation to our fire department in dedication to 9/11.

9/11 is still fresh in my mind. I was a young boy at the time but that day is one I will never forget.

As the world was watching in terror and fear, and people running in all directions away from the world trade center, there was a group of men and women that ran towards the danger.

The fire department is always the first to arrive and ready to put themselves on a side in order to save a life. There was no greater evidence of their self sacrifice then of 9/11.

They ran in knowing the danger, but it was not about them, it was about us, saving a life. They are truly amazing people and we have so much to learn from them and appreciate.

Now, years later, as I reflect upon it, and see my wife and children, it hits me how brave and dedicated these men and women from the fire department really were. They were parents as well.

So this year for 9/11, I wanted to express my feelings of appreciation. My wife Chaya baked some brownies and we made our way to the fire department.

We entered the station and was greeted warmly. My wife and I told the people there that we have Fathers Day and Mothers Day as reminders and show how much we appreciate our parents.

However, we felt that 9/11 should not only be a day to remember those that gave up their lives but also remember and show appreciation to those who continue to serve and help our people.

They were truly touched, grateful and excited for some homemade brownies. They couldn’t stop thanking us, and expressed how much they appreciated our visit and gift.

I’ve been taught that we can learn something from everyone and anything. What the men and women of the fire department teach me as a person is commitment and dedication and how we should do our best to be there for our community.

May we only know of happy occasions.

G-d bless America.

Avrohom Chayempour

Tyrone, Ga.