Eugenia Scott, age of 95

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Eugenia Scott
Eugenia Scott

Eugenia Scott passed away on May 12, 2019, Mothers Day, at the age of 95.

Jean was born Eugenia Gan in Siebieczó w, Poland on March 4, 1924 to Peter and Anna Gan. She emigrated to Canada in 1930 where she soon became a naturalized Canadian citizen.

Jean joined the Royal Canadian Air Force at the age of 28 where she served honorably as a Leading Airwoman specializing in radar and meteorology. In 1955 she left the RCAF after marrying Walter Robert Scott, an RCAF fighter pilot.

In 1966, Walter left the RCAF for a job as airline pilot flying out of New York City. After a series of moves the family landed in Peachtree City, Ga. in 1973 where Jean lived the rest of her days, nearly half a century.

Jean was an avid golfer. She was an active member of Flat Creek Club as long as her health permitted her to swing a club — into her 80s. For several years Jean was a volunteer leader in the women’s golf association, keeping the books. For a couple of seasons, Jean managed the concession stand for little league games at Reilly Field. She was also an avid bridge player, reader and sports fan.

Until a week before her passing Jean was independent and able to live at home, even still managing her own finances. She is survived by her three children, Peter Robert, Mary Anne and Timothy Alvyn. She will be missed by family and friends.