Senoia approves new office space


The steady creep of office and commercial zoning on Ga. Highway 16 continued as the Senoia City Council unanimously approved an office zoning for a site at the intersection of Bridge Street and Hwy. 16.

The site is next to a home that was recently converted to an insurance agency by developer John Meiller. Meiller said he hopes the subject property will eventually be a medical or real estate office.

Councilman Jeff Fisher asked Meiller how old the house was. Meiller said records indicate the original part of the home was built in 1866, and every effort has been taken to restore the property without disturbing its historical significance. He said the new office building will share parking with the recently completed insurance office.

Fisher also wondered what impact the city’s moratorium on signs would have on the property. Earlier this summer, the city enacted a six-month moratorium on new signs until the sign ordinance could be reworked.

Since the project was started before the moratorium was enacted, some members of the City Council felt it could be grandfathered in, and pledged to check with the city’s attorney on the issue.