President of Fayette Society of Fine Art has paintings in Capitol


Sandy Holcomb, president of the Fayette Society of Fine Art (FSOFA) currently has four paintings in the Capitol. Governor Nathan Deal has chosen Arts Clayton Gallery of Jonesboro to be the “Georgia Gallery of Choice” for his current term of office. The governor hand picked the pieces that were hung in the offices that he personally uses. Sandra Deal said a painting of fall foliage by a lake, done by Fayetteville artist, Sandy Holcomb, is a particular favorite of hers and her husband. It hangs on a wood-paneled wall in Deal’s ceremonial office directly across from the Governor’s desk.

The state’s first lady said that the painting’s scenery is reminiscent of parts of HallCounty that is home to the Deals. “We just love it because it reminds us of Georgia and the colorful mountains of North Georgia,” she said.   Mrs. Deal also said that all the beautiful fall colors make the office more home-like.

The scenery in the painting is of a pond that is literally in Holcomb’s backyard, and she painted it from her driveway.   Holcomb has been painting more seriously since she retired as a teacher from Fayette County in 2004. She is excited about having one of her pieces chosen to hang in the governor’s personal office. She has four paintings hanging in the Capitol.

Holcomb is the new president of the Fayette Society of Fine Art. FSOFA meets the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Heritage Bank on Jeff Davis Avenue. The artists are of varying degrees of skill. They come together to enjoy demonstrations of guest artists and the company of fellow artists. FSOFA welcomes visitors and new members. For more information about the group visit Fayette Society of Fine Art also has a Facebook page.