Protect your eyes from sun’s eclipse

With the solar eclipse [only days] away, there is something very dangerous that your readers need to know and share with others. Have you ever used a magnifying glass on a sunny day to burn holes in a piece of paper? If so, you understand how incredibly powerful the sun’s rays are. Binoculars are magnifying […]

143 lost everyday to opioid overdoses

The opioid crisis is no longer the best-kept worst secret in America. With President Trump declaring the situation a national emergency, the time is now to bring together the best science and most effective public policies and remove the veil of denial and guilt associated with this human carnage. In 2015, over 52,000 Americans lost […]

‘Randy’s rules’ reveal big county problem

An affront to the public interest: The Fayette County Board of Commissioners’ actions on animal issues and the broader implications: The Fayette County Board of Commissioners’ July 13 decision to halt the long in-progress rewrite of the county’s animal control and shelter ordinances may have been perceived as a one-time lapse in judgment by the […]

Baby Charlie vs. the State

The heart-breaking case of Charlie Gard is a sad testament to how far our common Western culture has strayed from, even rebelled against, its Judeo-Christian foundation. To illustrate this, compare baby Charlie’s plight to that of a young Palestinian girl of 2,000 years ago. The father of this girl, Jairus (whose name, like so many […]

Fayette GOP critical of county commission

Members of the Fayette County Republican Party (FCRP) believe very strongly that trust and confidence in our voting process is paramount to a free society, and that public officials should aggressively support every effort to uncover voter fraud. To that end, the FCRP sought to replace its own Board of Elections member who had thwarted […]

‘Unrealistic Care Act’ and Trump

I read the Murchison column (The Citizen, 7-26) about health reform. I disagree with many of his points. Specifically, I do not believe that the GOP Congress has been spineless. It is just divided, which is natural in politics in a democracy. In the coup de gras, McConnell decided to pass comprehensive healthcare legislation with […]

Ognio’s, Oddo’s double standards on rules

Local minds have been engrossed in thought over the dogs and cats of Fayette County. We all know dogs and cats without owners become the wards of the county. Those animals are placed in the custody of the county. Our ancient ancestors domesticated the wild beasts and the kinship with dogs and cats began. While […]

Shelter animals need you, not your petition

Pleas to sign a petition to make Fayette County Animal Shelter a no-kill shelter flood Facebook feeds. It is not citizens’ signatures, but citizens that are most needed. I envisioned a dog pound as a jail where dogs lived in numbered cages and were fed between the cracks. After visiting and beginning to volunteer at […]

New animal policy ‘huge step backward’

The Citizen’s coverage of the July 13 Board of Commissioners’ vote on the new euthanasia policy for the Fayette County Animal Shelter, including Commissioner Ognio’s explanation of his position, is misleading. Commissioner Ognio and Citizen reporter Ben Nelms (as well as the CBS reporter who interviewed Commissioner Ognio) are spinning this new policy as a […]

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