No violence, no arrests at our Atlanta march

An open letter to Bonnie Willis: I am sorry that the women’s marches across the country embarrassed you as a woman. You stated this in your Feb. 8 column titled, “The age of drama, pseudo-reality.” In that same column, you characterized presentations made at the women’s marches as vulgar, hate-filled rants. Bonnie, I think you […]

SPLOST is good investment for us

I have lived and worked in Fayette County for 22 years and I want to tell you why I am supporting the SPLOST. As a small business owner, I try to look at every cost to determine if that cost is worth the investment. To me, paying a little extra for the SPLOST ( an […]

Super Bowl 51: The Russians hacked us

The unfathomable has happened. The Falcons were drubbing the Pats. It was a two TD plus two 2-point conversion lead halfway into the fourth quarter and the Pats had done nothing all night. All the pundits had called the game; all that was left was the coronation. And somehow we are supposed to believe that […]

Vote ‘Yes’ for March SPLOST

We spent the last 10-plus years working for Fayette County at the state level. We both retired from our legislative seats this past year, but we did not retire from our community. Even though we come from different parts of the county and from different political affiliations, we both love Fayette County. We are excited […]

Our leftist friends leave love behind

Love trumps hate. That was the motto on the signs carried by the left until their candidate lost the election. Once the initial shock of the unthinkable (to them) wore off, those signs became torches and clubs. So much for love. Actress Judd rants in front of a women’s march saying things so deplorable that […]

What does President Trump really believe?

The big question is just what does President Trump believe? Does he just “say things” to get attention? This approach may be effective when only a candidate for the presidency, but saying “anything,” related to stream of consciousness outbursts, when actually installed in the White House, does carry consequences, both domestic and internationally. Donald Trump […]

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