Medical, biologic aspects needed in LGBTQ discussion

Recently our school system has taken upon itself, without our input, to instill LGBTQ educational information to our school nurses. Much like the ill-fated and unproven adoption of Common Core, the education system has proceeded with its own agenda, with no true understanding of what it is imparting to the school staff members and being […]

Commission insulted those who elected them

I was infuriated at the civic breakdown at the Board of Commissioners July 13 meeting, witnessed by an overflow crowd and people live streaming. The meeting is now available for viewing on the county’s website at under the “Agendas/Minutes” tab. The worst humiliation the citizenry can face is to be not taken seriously by […]

‘Euthanasia’? Call it what it is: killing

Like many fellow Fayette County taxpayers, I was disappointed in the July 13 decision by the Fayette County Board of Commissioners, despite listening to hours of respectful, heartfelt, insightful opposition statements, to vote 4-1 in favor of a regressive “euthanasia” policy for population management in the Fayette County Animal Shelter. That was their right, and […]

Sad day for animals

[The July 13] vote on the euthanasia policy is a sad day for Fayette County animals and the residents of Fayette County. There was apparently a plan to approve the policy before the meeting, and it appeared that they left Commissioner Steve Brown out of the decision. Underhanded politics were on display at its finest […]

Address unsolved issues in PTC election

I pray that people are paying attention to the local elections this year, especially in Peachtree City. If we fail to pay attention, there is a price to pay in future years. Some issues are beyond our control, such as what happens in the state legislature or in neighboring counties. However, there are some serious […]

A parent’s view on LGBTQ training

I am a Christian, the mother of two gay children, the mother-in-law of a gay son-in-law, a member of PFLAG Peachtree City, and an educator. I’ve watched a video of a recent FCBOE meeting, and read articles and letters to the editor in response to the meeting where community members spoke about training for nurses […]

Free the slaves — 45 million worldwide

In our politically divided nation, I think there’s one American value we can all agree on: Everyone deserves to be free. On June 27, the State Department released the 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report, which ranks 187 countries on their efforts to combat human trafficking, including the U.S. This report sheds light on the hidden […]

Beware ‘mental health experts’ diagnosing Trump from afar

“Donald trump is an illegitimate President.” “Assassinate him.” “The election was rigged.” “The Russians are coming.” “Trump is a racist, misogynistic, potty mouth, liar who groped a woman on Delta 30 years ago.” When all else fails get together a bunch of losers and psychiatrists to send President Trump to the asylum: “Unfit to serve.” […]

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