Candidate Vaught: Please vote on Election Day in Fayetteville


While actively campaigning for City Council Post 2 in Fayetteville, I have met many who agree with my platform against rapid, out of control city growth and have said they would vote for me. That is exactly what I hope they will do!

I am asking those who did not vote early to please turn out on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th if they want a City Council member who supports:

• Intelligent city growth that is not out of control, does not increase traffic congestion, does not strain the current infrastructure, and does not increase taxes. Intelligent, controlled growth should have minimal negative impact on surrounding neighborhoods and their residents.

• Realistic repurposing and effective use of existing commercial spaces and real estate.

• Retention of as much green space as possible.

• A city that is for traditional family life and values and retains its “small town” charm. For this reason alone is why many have told me they moved to Fayetteville!

Polls are open between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm at two municipal precinct locations. Citizens who live south of Highway 54 should vote at the Fayette County Library, while those living north of Highway 54 should vote at the Education Center (old Fayette County High School), 205 Lafayette Avenue.

It has been a real pleasure meeting and hearing from so many of my Fayetteville neighbors. I hope to get your vote on November 7th. Please vote Cathy Vaught, Fayetteville City Council Post 2. Thank you in advance!

Cathy Vaught

Fayetteville, Ga.