LETTER: Misinformation by omission is still misinformation


Just over fifteen years ago, I submitted my first letter to the editor of this publication. The letter was the first of many advocating for the implementation of the ESPLOST penny sales tax to benefit our excellent and quality Fayette County Schools.

Other initiatives had failed, and I had been warned that this opinion wasn’t going to be popular. Given that the motto of The Citizen was “have your say,” I decided to submit my letter.

Within an hour, I received a reply from the editor asking, “what axe I had to grind,” in other words, what was my point of view. He published that letter word for word, with some help for grammar and spelling. When he published the letter, there were two opinion writers, former Commissioner Brown, and local economist Claude Paquin presenting the side against the ESPLOST.

While the debate can be lively at times and sometimes you need to ignore ignorance, I found a great exchange among neighbors and not the Hellscape described by Candidate Moore and Ms. Tricia Stearns.

Point of view is so important as we proceed in this election. Two candidates, Moore and Painter, have chosen not to have their say, publicly. But I submit, they have said a lot by saying nothing.

Our Mayor has tried to clarify for her candidates by saying no candidate for PTC Council supported apartments even though an email from candidate Moore supporting such an analysis was in a nearby article.

The mayor has chosen to label any disagreement to her vision or dictation as “misinformation.” She has shared that the “comprehensive plan” of PTC would be used for future planning.

First, city planning is far from my usual financial wheelhouse, but I saw nothing in the 76-page document nor in the appendices that would deter a determined Mayor and allied Council from imposing their will. The points of view in these pages and elsewhere suggest there is a diverse set of opinions on what to do in redevelopment of Peachtree City.

In fact, on page 21 of the comprehensive plan, the plan states, “Collectively, these comments identify the desire from the community to address changes in how the city has developed or is developing. While some residents want more and different types of housing options, others expressed a conflicting opinion. In the same vein, while some residents wanted all growth to stop completely, others expressed a desire for walkable mixed-use centers with places for families to gather.”

That’s hardly a mandate for action nor is it a prohibition. That’s why it’s important to know where a candidate stands, or “what axe they have to grind.” Candidate Moore was the treasurer for a shadowy and exclusive group called “Plan for PTC.” What are they planning? Who had input?

While I believe that all candidates mean well in their way, and that everyone is entitled to their opinion, Sister Mary Frances taught us in school that “misinformation” by omission was the same as “misinformation” and should be frowned upon.

Unfortunately, candidates Moore and Painter have chosen the path of omission by choosing not to engage with the public in this traditional venue.

Neil Sullivan

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Hi sorry to be tardy, lots going on!. There you go again… you and the mayor are specific on no “apartments” not no dense growth whether it be condos, co-ops, town houses, van life parking lots, camp grounds, tiny house community, or any other non traditional single home model.

    You keep intimating non rental which would say an ownership model, to get the price down, you have to go up and have many to make the math work. If it is a first time buyer program, is there federal $ what are the strings. Like Ive said before, I worked in that space. the devil is always in the details. Those town houses by old Turner field, Built by the Atlanta Housing Authority 60% sold at market 40% reserved for lower income.

    With multi-use or walkable communities its never just one level. Look at the bus depot, Trillith, the Battery…. More stuff less land is the way the developers make $

    Again, no wrong answers to get the conversation started, but you, Blake, and a few others seem to have either a thought or a plan because the comments are consistent. The Mayor makes a stand on apartments but not density.

    Take Care,

  2. The biggest difference between a condo and an apartment is ownership. Condos are typically individually owned and rented out privately, while an apartment is usually owned by a property management company that rents out and manages all of the units. In terms of physical attributes, there is no difference between the two. Both condos and apartments can be located in residential buildings or communities, and both can have similar amenities such as fitness centers, fireplaces, etc. — Bing AI answerbot.

    Most people don’t make a distinction between the two and frequently interchange the terms. The mayor was counting on this with her proclamation. Why when attempting to support the statement claiming PTC is not urbanizing, does the mayor cite the fact there have been no new apartments, when she herself knows she has approved new development with condos and is an outright deception. Perhaps if repeated enough times (and in videos), she can gaslight the public as to what her and her two minion candidates are really up to. It’s really ashamed she is using her dais to promote these deceptions.

    It would have been a lot more honest of her to just write her own letter to the editor supporting her two candidates.

    As for mixed use development, its condos/apartments that crown these urban jewels. Don’t be fooled by the “read my lips…. No New Apartments”, that (multi family housing) is exactly what mayor and her two council recruits have in mind even if they won’t admit/deny it for PTC. Remember Mums the word on condos and mixed use!

    The developers won’t be happy until Fayette county is built out like Clayton, and that who is driving this push for growth. Pay attention to what is going on north of Tyrone.

  3. Sister Mary Frances could have quoted the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s famous Rule 10b-5 which states, It shall be unlawful for any person, directly or indirectly, … to make any untrue statement of material fact or to omit to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements made, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading … in connection with the purchase or sale of any security. Omitting to state relevant information, which is in fact hiding the truth, is all too common. But then again people won’t read anything they consider too long. It’s hard to win.