An invitation to Republican precinct caucus Feb. 23 in Peachtree City


Members and Fellow Republicans, don’t miss the precinct caucus this coming Saturday.

I want to invite you to the Fayette County GOP Precinct Caucus to be held at the beautiful Flat Creek Country Club in Peachtree City, Saturday, February 23. Doors open at 9 a.m. for check in and close promptly at 10 a.m.

What is a precinct caucus?

ALL Fayette County Republican voters are eligible to attend this Caucus. You do not need to be a dues paid member of the FCRP.

As an attendee, you will “caucus” with your precinct neighbors to elect delegates and alternates to represent your precinct at the March 23rd County Convention. This process takes approximately two hours and there is no fee to attend.

Why attend? Not only will you be joining the battle to save our country, but you will find kindred spirits. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from the friends that I have made at the Fayette County Republican Party. I feel at ease with them, even more so than other friends. We are on the same wavelength. Come join us! You will enjoy getting to know like-minded conservatives who live near you.

Doors open at 9 a.m. for check-in and are closed promptly at 10 a.m., so don’t be late!

To save time filling out the paperwork the morning of the caucus, It is best to preregister by clicking here.

You may fill out the registration paperwork at the door, but try to check in as close to 9:00 as you can. There will be coffee!

If you are not able to attend this caucus but are interested in attending the March Fayette GOP County Convention as a delegate, you must preregister. Your registration paperwork will be presented to your precinct caucus group for consideration to elect you as a delegate.

Learn more about the 2024 GOP conventions.

2024 is going to be a wild and exciting ride at the Fayette County Republican Party! Be sure to join us and invite all your other Fayette Republican friends and family to come as well!

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday, February 23rd at 9 a.m. for the Precinct Caucus!

Elaine Kilgore, Chairman

Fayette County Republican Party

Fayetteville, Ga.


  1. I’m reading buzz words here in the article above … “Joining the battle to save our country” and so on. Yet I see no mention of any campaign platform in which to rally around and support. So naturally a reasonable person seeks out a higher authority like the RNC website (Gop,dotcom) to view things there under “Our Platform.”

    And here it says, “centered on stimulating economic growth for all Americans, protecting constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms, ensuring the integrity of our elections, and maintaining our national security.” However these are the same ideals for both parties.

    So not satisfied I click on Learn More (in the website section) and I get a pdf on a “Resolution by the Party” back in 2020 I’m assuming … to adopt the 2016 Republican Platform. WT? And this is thee National Party website. When someone commented recently that “they” have no new platform or solutions in which to run on, he/she were actually not kidding.

    • The actual GOP platform is whatever enters the chaotic mind of the evangelical’s 77-year-old orange god whether based in reality of some narcissistic fantasy. This was the party of LINCOLN, TR, Ike, and Reagan. How could it have gone so pitifully low?

      • STF. Without the “evangelical’s” verbiage (technical expression), I think you are right. So many, honorable or once honorable Republicans, have chosen to not seek election or reelection. I’m trusting that is going to help the Republican Party come to terms with our constitutionalized democratic republic. I can almost hear the sound of air from the sucking chest wound our former President has given them.

        • No doubt both political parties have degenerated from their high points in American history. However, don’t fall for the false equivalence. Omar and AOC are mere Congresswomen who do not represent the views of the vast majorities of Democrats. The 45th president now whimsically creates GOP policy and, like lords and ladies in a Medieval court, no one in his party dares to correct his many missteps.

          Rational people fear Trump’s chaotic and transactional style that is predicated primarily upon his own persona interests. Even if one enjoys his vile rhetoric and some past policies he embraced, one can never be sure that he won’t change on a dime occasioned only by a personal passion.

          I’m still amazed that he has mesmerized an entire, once rational political party that received many of my votes before 2016.

  2. I have been a registered Republican Party voter for as long as I have been old enough to vote. I rarely miss any elections, primary or general. I thought I will like to attend, but the following “Oath of Affirmation” on the pre-registration form turned me off to the idea, “SWEAR OR AFFIRM THAT I AM IN ACCORD WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, BELIEVE IN ITS DECLARATION OF POLICY AND AM IN AGREEMENT WITH ITS AIMS AND PURPOSES Georgia Republican Party Rule 1.1.” I do not even want to support anyone who will take make such an oath.

    • I applaud you Doug for your cautious wisdom. Mike, not so much. On the national notary website, it states that one of their most important duties is to administer oaths and affirmations. An oath, it says, is a promise to a deity and an affirmation is a pledge on one’s personal honor. It continues with, “Both are legally binding promises to tell the truth and subject the oath-taker or affirmant to penalties for perjury.” It follows with, “Verbal oaths or affirmations may be notarial acts in their own right – as when swearing in a new public official – or they may be part of performing a jurat notarization for a signed document.”

      It wraps with, “Oaths and affirmations should always be taken seriously by the Notary and the person being sworn or affirmed.” Of course, this affirmation to the registration form (you mentioned) isn’t legally binding for the mere fact of who is administering it and who ostensibly they support. But what is most concerning, and kudos to you Doug for bringing this to light, this is an oath and affirmation to a political party, here in the U-S- of A of all places.

    • Doug, you stated you were a lifelong registered Republican. What were you required to sign when you registered to be a Republican? How do you register to be a Republican in Georgia? In Florida we were required to declare a party, and could only vote in that party primary elections. When you go to the poll do they still ask you for which type of primary ballot you need (Democrat or Republican). When I went to the poll to vote this week I was asked for which party ballot did I need. Your statement got me thinking and with a little research this is what I found out.

      Georgia is one of a minority of states where you don’t declare a party when you register to vote. Georgia is an open primary state, that allows anybody to select a primary ballot of their choosing. Many states will not allow you to even vote in a primary if you aren’t registered to that party. The ONLY requirement that I’ve observed, if you vote in the Republican Primary, you can not vote in the Democrat runoff.

      • Sir, I first registered to vote in Florida (Jacksonville). There, I had the option to declare a party. Except for my first voting experience, I think I voted an absentee ballot until Novenber, 2004. That’s when I had to change my residency to Georgia (six months after I retired from the Army), though I moved to Peachtree City in June 1993. I don’t remember how I registered here in 2004. The pricinct workers also ask me about the party primary I am voting.