Jonathon Thimo Mize, 25, of Stuart, Fla.,, formerly of Fayette County, Ga.


Jonathon Thimo Mize, age 25, formerly of Fayette County, died on April 25, 2023 while visiting friends in Portland, Oregon.

John was born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 2, 1998 and grew up in Fayette County. He attended Whitewater High School and graduated from Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Jonathon Mize
Jonathon Mize

He is survived by his parents, Joseph and Jewel Mize of Stuart, Florida; his sister Miranda Mize in Indianapolis, Indiana; and his grandfather, Peter Thimo Pearse, in Fayetteville, Georgia.

He is also survived by many aunts, uncles and cousins from both sides of the family and an honorary uncle, Paul Edwards of Orlando, Florida. As well as his beloved cat, Danklin, who lives with his parents.

John, who was known by many of his friends as “Corn,” was a long-haired, independent, free spirit with a big heart. He enjoyed his freedom and made friends easily. He could find a friend anywhere he went and touched the hearts of many.

John loved adventure whether it was living on his own sailboat, operating a concession with a tour of The Grateful Dead, or traveling for hours on his bike to explore the world around him. He had a zest for life many would be envious of. And he brought many of us on his crazy adventures.

That was one of his many gifts — giving us stories to tell long after he is gone. And he will be remembered as a fearless, passionate, and loyal friend. His generosity and desire to help others went above and beyond. He was hoping in the near future to become a sponsor for those affected by addiction and mental illness. It would have suited him perfectly.

John always had a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and a loving, open heart. He would support you anyway he knew how. He loved music, video games, traveling, biking, disc golf, nature, tie-dye, his friends, but most importantly making beautiful memories with others.

He also found a true love in cooking and was growing into his own professional culinary artist. For those lucky enough to try his food, you will know he put his heart into everything he did.

John loved spending time with his friends and family. His love he gave will be remembered by all and given back to the world in great abundance. He wanted to make the world a happier place. Which we hope others continue to do in his honor.

His mother and father were blessed to have him stay with them during the last few months of his life. And he spent his final days with friends, which brought him great joy.

John’s ashes will be given back to the earth so that he can once again become part of the eternal universe.