Fayette Schools celebrate and honor Black History Month


From classroom activities to creative videos and everything in between, hundreds of students from Fayette County Public Schools are celebrating Black History Month and paying tribute to influential African Americans throughout history.

Students at North Fayette Elementary are participating in superhero themed black history research projects where they are researching an African American who made a contribution to society, writing an essay, and creating a Google presentation to present to their class.

Crabapple Lane Elementary is coming together to create a museum that honors Black History Month. With a space filled from corner to corner, students will take a walking field trip through the museum, looking at poster boards full of information about influential African Americans in music, sports, literature, math, science, and dance as well as important dates in history.

To celebrate Black History Month at Peeples Elementary School, students are participating in a daily “Who Am I?” virtual activity where students read a brief biography of a famous African American.

The fine arts department at Sandy Creek High is creating a program to honor important African American figures in history.

Sara Harp Minter, Rising Starr Middle, and Huddleston Elementary are honoring Black History Month by incorporating a variety of learning activities for each grade level.

Fayette County High is exploring the culture, heritage, traditions, music, and experiences of African Americans from all over the globe while emphasizing the various cultures of their students who represent homelands from South Africa, the West Indies, Cameroon, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom to America’s Southern, Eastern, Western, and Northern Hemispheres.

Video clips of distinguished and accomplished African-Americans are being shown to students at Whitewater High and Fayetteville Elementary.