Meet local authors at Peachtree City Library this Sunday


There will be a “Meet the Authors” event at Peachtree City Library, next to City Hall, on Sunday, January 12, at 1:30 p.m. in the Readers and Writers Room (main floor).

Presenting their new publications are the following authors:

• Paul Lentz, author of the science fiction book “Enemy Planet — Son of Wolf”

• J. Delayne Ryms, author of the book of poetry “Before Dragonflies”

• Sharon Marchisello, author of the mystery-adventure novel “Secrets of the Galapagos.”

Sales of their books will benefit the Friends of the Peachtree City Library and the Fayette Humane Society.

Paul Lentz, retired Air Force officer and former CFO of the Friends of the Library, is the author of seven novels including “The Stuff of Life: Books I, II, and III,” “The Cry of the Innocents,” and “Holy Fire.”

J. Delayne Ryms has had poetry published in many journals and anthologies and was the recipient of a grant in literature from the California Arts Council and two Academy of American Poets Awards.

Sharon Marchisello, author of articles, screen plays, and more, has a master’s degree in professional writing and is author of “Going Home” (2014). Retired from Delta Air Lines, she is a volunteer for the Fayette Humane Society and is an active member of Sisters in Crime.