Fayette 911 to get mobile command center for $100,000

Fayette 911 to get mobile command center for $100,000

A report by Fayette County 911 Director Bernard “Buster” Brown (photo above) at the Fayette County Commission retreat held April 19 included an update on the implementation of a mobile 911 emergency command center.

Noting that only a few 911 centers in the U.S. possess a mobile command center, Brown said the project was funded at $100,000.

The 8-foot by 24-foot trailer comes with a cost of $14,000, leaving the remaining $84,000 to outfit the mobile command center with the necessary equipment to serve in locations as needed.

Brown said the mobile command center will be used only for 911 communications.

In other matters, Brown told commissioners the 911 center received 55,111 calls to 911 during 2017 and 104,825 administrative calls. Additionally, said Brown, the center received 154,327 radio calls from public safety staff.

Brown said one of the accomplishments from the past year was the commission’s approval of the Carbyne Advanced (Next Generation) NG911 platform that will result in the availability of dispatchers to receive video and texts from the caller while pinpointing the caller’s location.

Fayette County was the first 911 system in the United States to integrate the Carbyne platform into the existing public safety infrastructure.