CORRECTION: story focused on wrong boardwalk — Council was talking about Flat Creek Nature Area Boardwalk

Boardwalk through Flat Creek Nature Area.
Boardwalk through Flat Creek Nature Area.

CORRECTION — A correct headline should have said, “Peachtree City Council eyes repair of Flat Creek Nature Area boardwalk.” An earlier story in The Citizen was wrong about which boardwalk was under discussion by the Peachtree City Council. Under discussion was the Flat Creek Nature Area, NOT the Line Creek Nature Area. The Citizen apologizes for the error and includes the corrected information below.

If you are saving that earlier story, delete it. The story was just flat wrong about the nature area being discussed by the council, and thus about the boardwalk under discussion. The Line Creek Nature Area and any associated boardwalk were NOT being considered by the council. The discussion of any affected boardwalk had to do with the Flat Creek Nature Area, shown below.

Reader Keith Larson alerted us to the error and provided the correct information below:

Cal, your story is mostly about the wrong location — the City Council gave guidance last Thursday to review the proposed repair of the Flat Creek Nature Area boardwalk.

The Council Meeting Agenda item 06-23-06 — Flat Creek Boardwalk Repair and Tree Removal.

See attached City Staff presentation files.

Several winter and spring storms accounted for trees to crash onto the boardwalk and forcing the City to block all access until trees are removed and the boardwalk repaired.  The actual repairs to the boardwalk were around $14,000.  The critical cost exceeding $135,000 was the removal of all trees in contact with the boardwalk and within 20 feet.  Also with a contingency fund the total project was estimated at $200,000. The tree removal was the condition set by the City Engineer before permitting safe public access again.

Council Discussion.

The Mayor was the only one in favor of full boardwalk repair.  She read my public comment submitted by email to the Council: “The Flat Creek Boardwalk in the Flat Creek Nature Area is now a signature City landmark and one of the most notable features of our active pedestrian and bicycle recreation facilities. Many residents have commented in social media that they miss the boardwalk and are looking forward to safe public access being restored.”

Councilman Mike King and Phil Prebor preferred a short boardwalk from the paved path, and removal of the entire North Boardwalk and remaining South Boardwalk.

Councilman King expressed his concern about the future cost of replacement of the entire boardwalk length, constructed in the early 1990s.

Councilman Cint Holland with Frank Destadio in support proposed that the boardwalk remain extended to at least the scenic Flat Creek to better view nature.

Here is the City Council consensus guidance on the boardwalk repairs for the City Staff to review the project and provide alternative cost estimates:

  1. Remove the North Boardwalk
  2. End the South Boardwalk at Flat Creek with an observation platform/turn around point (approximately 500 feet)
  3. Remove the excess South Boardwalk that will not be maintained

Flat Creek Nature Area History Notes (missing from the Staff presentation):

The 1992 Peachtree City Comprehensive Plan established this objective:

“Develop a nature center and boardwalk trail through the area of Flat Creek wetlands that will help educate the children on our current environmental concerns.”

The 1992 Plan also forecast a 1995 capital investment of $50,000 for the Flat Creek Nature Preserve Construction.

In 1993 the Southern Conservation Trust was incorporated as a non-profit initially to operate the Flat Creek wetlands as a Nature Preserve and provide education programs to residents.

The Trust was able to obtain funding for the Flat Creek Boardwalk from the Fayette County Water System as a condition of it’s permit to construct Lake Horton in 1995.

The Trust installed a 700ft natural surface trail starting at the Fred Brown Amp. with 1,136ft of boardwalk, two viewing platforms and interpretive signs and materials for visitors.

The lease agreement with the Southern Conservation Trust was dissolved in 2022 after the City refused to compensate the Trust for services provided as they do with other non-profits.

Missing from the discussion was rerouting the existing natural surface trail through the McIntosh Recreation Complex to the South Boardwalk after the North Boardwalk is removed.

Keith Larson

Bike-Walk Fayette

Peachtree City, GA

Peachtree City Council members see presentation on repairs to boardwalk at Flat Creek Nature Area in central Peachtree City.
Peachtree City Council members see presentation on repairs to boardwalk at Flat Creek Nature Area in central Peachtree City.


  1. I’m not sure you are referring to the correct Nature Area. The Flat Creek Nature Area boardwalk off the golf cart path behind the amphitheater has been closed for months due to downed trees…I think this is the area in question.

  2. I think you’re talking about two different places. The Boardwalk is the one behind the Fred Amphitheatre, off of the golf cart path. The other Line Creek Nature Area up off of 54 doesn’t have a boardwalk.