Some signs need to come down


Peachtree City officials are reminding residents that campaign signs for candidates who are not running beyond the May 24 general primary should be removed, as well as those for recent graduates.

Signs for candidates in the July 26 runoff or Nov. 8 general election may remain in place on private property until those races are decided. Election campaign signs may only be placed on private property with the owner’s permission.

Signs in rights-of-way or on city property are a violation of state law and will be removed by Code Enforcement ($100 per sign recovery fee).

All graduation banners at subdivision entrances must come down by June 12 (unless you paid the $30 temporary sign permit fee for a different two-week period).

If you have questions or concerns, Code Enforcement can be reached at 770-487-8866, at, or via the Code Enforcement Complaint Line at 770-631-2588 (Option 2, Option 2).  Anonymous complaints are accepted, but if you wish to have an update, please leave your name and contact information.