Traffic signal problem on PTC’s busiest road now fixed


UPDATED 3:50 p.m. Jan. 15, 2014 — The traffic nightmare trigger causing more gridlock than usual along Ga. highways 54 and 74 in Peachtree City has been identified and fixed, police said.

The culprit was a broken pedestrian crossing button — not at the main junction of hwys. 54 and 74, but about a quarter mile west at the intersection of Hwy. 54 and Planterra Way.

Peachtree City Police Department spokesperson Odilia Bergh said the Georgia Department of Transportation on Thursday had crews looking at the traffic signal devices in the west corridor area.
They identified the problem in one area only, said Bergh.

It was a broken pedestrian crossing button attached to the traffic signal at Hwy. 54 and Planterra Way.

The pedestrian button was jammed in the position that would allow pedestrians to cross the highway from Planterra Way, which caused much longer wait times and forced eastbound and westbound traffic on Hwy. 54 to back up beyond the already staggering levels commonly experienced on weekdays and some weekends.

Bergh said DOT crews found no other discrepancies in the west corridor area, adding that they will be back on Friday to make sure the signal timing is appropriate.

— Reported by BEN NELMS


Earlier online story

Technicians have been called to repair a traffic light on State Route 54 that has been causing significant traffic delays in Peachtree City during peak travel times.

This problem is being created by one of the traffic signals not cycling appropriately, the Peachtree City Police Department said.

The State Department of Transportation is sending a technician to fix the problem with the signal. However, the nature of the problem will dictate if he can fix it immediately.
In the meantime, police will focus on the prevention of blocked intersections and other driving behaviors that make the situation worse.

Officials are hoping drivers can be patient and are even trying to add a little humor to the situation by posting a picture of the inside of a traffic light control box on Facebook and asking who knows which button to push.

— Reported by LISA FINGEROOT