Verlo Mattress Store is helping PTC get a better night’s sleep


Consumers in the area have two choices when purchasing a bed. They can buy one off the shelf or have a mattress custom made just for them at Verlo Mattress Factory Store in Peachtree City.

According to a study from The Better Sleep Council, an uncomfortable mattress is one of the top three factors robbing people of sleep, along stress and illness. Tossing and turning at night is the result of sleeping on a bed that restricts the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

Understanding your own comfort needs may be the first step in sleeping restfully, yet most consumers don’t know where to start. What is comfortable to one person is not to another.

“Bed buying can be somewhat confusing,” said Jeff Koldoff, manager of the Verlo Mattress Factory Store in Peachtree City. “Often people are intimidated when shopping for a mattress and find a sleep expert’s advice to be the key to making the right decision.”

For 21 years the Verlo location in Peachtree City has been helping local consumers evaluate their specific needs to build mattresses customized for their comfort. As the nation’s largest made-to-order mattress franchise, only Verlo makes mattresses to order, meeting the unique requirements of each individual customer. The store is staffed by expert craftspeople who work with shoppers to determine their sleep challenges and preferences, and then build the mattress to suit.

Within the bed, there can be several layers of materials which work together to provide the varying degrees of comfort felt on the surface. Materials like Talalay Latex or visco-elastic memory foam may be layered onto both sides of the innerspring unit. Since comfort is highly personal, Verlo customizes the layers to meet individual preferences.

This August, Verlo will introduce a new line of beds. The Harmony Collection consists of seven new mattresses — the Latex Symphony, Triumph and Virtue and the Memory Foam Bliss, Mirage, Balance and Crescendo — which combine beautiful new styling with the latest in technological advancements. Because materials can be a key differentiator in comfort “feels,” Verlo has incorporated the opportunity for customers to see the quality of materials used in their mattress as part of the store’s unique shopper experience.

The Verlo Mattress Factory Store in Peachtree City is located at 400 Huddleston Rd, and is open seven days a week.