Hot Spring Spas has a lot to offer this month


“August at the Hot Spring Store is Hot, Hot, Hot,” said Lisa Reeder of Hot Spring Spas of Peachtree City. Among the specials this month are $2,000 for the Hot Spring “ARIA,” Consumer Digests Best Buy for a hot tub. There is also a trade-in special, add $500 on to the trade-in value guide’s price for your hot tub. (Good only for Hot Spring, Limelight, Tiger River, Hot Spot and Solana)

The local Hot Spring Dealer offers a variety of quality products.

“Quality is what our customers deserve and receive.  From the Hot Spring hot tubs to the Big Green Egg.  Peachtree City has it all, in just one store,” said Reeder.
 Just a few tips to remember about your hot tub.

• Clean your filters for cleaner water. Come by and get a quick water care class whenever you are unsure. 

• As always there is a 10% coupon on our website for chemicals. 

• The staff is often asked the best way to clean a paper hot tub filter. We prefer you always have 2 on hand.  One to use and one to clean.  What we have found works well is to soak the filter overnight in filter cleaner.  This removes the oils that are trapped.  After soaking, use the hose to rinse it very well.

 • Now, with Tri-X filters, you will need to remember, no jet dry or detergent in your dish washer and turn that heat cycle off.  Then just spray 2 times some filter cleaner in the middle of the filter, throw them in the dishwasher, run a cycle, enjoy a program or make dinner.  After the cycle is over, place them back in your Hot Spring hot tub.
Eggtoberfest tickets went on sale on Aug. 2.  If there are some still available at get yours today.  If not there may be some at the store.
“We are definitely going to be giving some away.  Whenever you purchase anything in our store, your name will go in the bucket, for the drawing Oct 1.  We’ll have several sets of tickets to give away,” Reeder stated.

 ”At Hot Spring Spas Patio of Peachtree City we love our Egg and our friend Elsie who comes on Saturday to show you how to use your Big Green Egg.  She is starting to come up with the recipes that will be cooking at Eggtoberfest.  Come by on any Saturday to try them out,” said Reeder.

 Hot Spring Spas also sells quality patio furniture.

“I call it heirloom.  I love my purchases to last.  I did the work for you and found Brown Jordan and Seaside Casual Furniture.  Please come by and see what we have.  You won’t be throwing it out in 5, 10 or 20 years.  You’ll be enjoying it for a lifetime and then be passing it on,” Reeder said.

 Visit Hot Spring Spas in person or on the web.

We enjoy meeting new folks and seeing the ones we already know,” Reeder stated. “Follow my blog for tips, around town fun and recipes at”