Big wins for pickleball club

Big wins for pickleball club

The Fayette County Pickleball Club is growing by leaps and bounds, and it appears that its membership contains some dedicated and serious players. A total of 28 medals were won by its members at two different tournaments in mid-February.

Here are the results from the Athens 2018 Pickled Peach Valentine Classic.

Women’s Doubles: Kim Garwood/Jan Stewart, 3.0 (Bronze); Carol Braun/Carolyn Hofer, 3.5 (Gold); Barbara Mason/Sue Ragen, 3.5 (Bronze); Sharon Conrad/Nancy Huddleston, 4.0/4.5 (Silver).

Men’s Doubles: Joe Paletta/Victor Jimenez, 4.0 (Silver); Kevin Lenze/Kim Vining 4.0 (Gold).

Men’s Singles: Kim Vining 4.0 (Gold); Kevin Lenze 4.0 (Silver).

Mixed Doubles: Carolyn Hofer/Ed Hon, 3.5 (Gold); Carol Braun/Chuck Blackshear, 3.5 (Bronze); Judy Chastain/Jim Handberry, 3.5 (Gold); Joe Paletta/Carolyn Rumpel, 4.0 (Silver); Sharon Conrad/Victor Jimenez, 4.0 (Gold).

At the Destin-Emerald Coast Pickleball Classic: Nancy Price/Barbara Skipper, 3.5 (Gold); Lyn Meyers/Marcia Bolton, 3.5 (Bronze).

For further information on how to become active in the PTC-Fayette Pickleball Club, contact Sharon Conrad at or Nancy Price at

Front row, from left: Barbara Skipper, Nancy Price, Kim Garwood, Carolyn Hofer, Carol Braun, Victor Jiminez, Sharon Conrad.

Back Row: Carolyn  Rumpel, Nancy Huddleston, Joe Paletta, Kim Vining.