Peachtree City Council candidate Tamara Moore aims 2,700 words at 9 opponents and ‘unreachable’ voters

>Screengrab of candidate Tamara Moore's
Screengrab of candidate Tamara Moore's "Vote for Tamara" Facebook page.

2nd-place finisher Moore, ‘demonstrating class, grace, respect and integrity,’ unloads on ‘bullies,’ ‘immature keyboard coyboys,’ ‘failed BOE candidate,’ and ‘unreachable’ voters —

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is reproduced in full with no corrections from Peachtree City Council candidate Tamara Allan Moore’s FaceBook page ‘Vote for Tamara’ on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023. She names nine opponents plus voters who disagree with her.]

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Peachtree City, Georgia

I will no longer sit quietly and say nothing while our house burns down around us. I will no longer tolerate any more hate mail being sent to my home, disgusting emails or direct messages through social media, or threats from the local tabloid that disconcertingly still calls itself a newspaper.

One of these bullies, David Cree (don’t know him), had nothing better to do on a Friday night, so he decided to text me and tell me to do the city a favor and drop out of the race — even using his version of 1950s math — to make his case AND the additional threat of tattling to Steve Brown to bolster his case if I didn’t do his bidding. — Run David — Go tell the bully that I won’t drop out.

Steve has been dreaming of his next hit piece that will drop on Monday about me since last Tuesday night. No news here. He is overplaying his hand about all of the apartments that will be springing up everywhere if I win. Especially since classy Ms. Winkle explained to him, and the aging owner of the tabloid, what the word facts meant. I’m dusting off my protractor as we speak.

Also, has anyone else noted that little Stevie begins my campaign season hit pieces stating I haven’t done anything of note to even be qualified to run —- but by hit piece number 7 in the tabloid, I am now so powerful I have Brent Scarbrough on speed dial and the counties school district maps redrawn to handle all the new outsiders flooding into his beloved intersection.

Back to David aka, the bully #1 – then proceeds to text Post-1 runoff candidate, Johnson, his egotistical and misogynistic thoughts he just felt the need to share with me on a rainy Friday night. The bully is bragging and sharing his so called swagger to the rest of his buddies I guess. They have the mistaken impression of power now that they have “flipped Post 2”. For grown men, they sure have strange definitions of maturity and leadership qualities.

Mrs. Johnson is horrified by what she sees, and immediately calls me to apologize. She tries to explain that she has been urged to communicate with Steve Brown and to work with candidate Suzanne Brown and her band of merry men and women as a team.

While I appreciate the call and apology, it is too little — too late. She was complicit in the hate, and did nothing to extricate herself. Win fair or your ommisions leave a lasting impression of your actions and choices. I warned Mrs. Johnson if she were to win, the quid pro quo from the bullies who peceived they put her in office — will be swift and harsh. A line has been crossed.

I will seek a restraining order if these same bullies tower over me in public ever again, get in my personal five foot tall — 110 pound space, and yell at me with spittle actually flying at times. To be fair, some of these bullies were women. Me accepting an invite to a Democratic candidate forum really has their girdles in a twist. By the way, I noticed your chosen council candidate in Fayetteville ended up going to speak with the Dems (said in a whisper). I wonder if she got spat on?

Back to the “tabloid”, they can say all they want about me but when they continue to seek out and besmirch innocent citizens and leaders in this community who believe in me. Just because I am running for a local office, doesn’t give citizens the right to threaten me with their offensive opinions and try to malign my character with personal attacks.

I am a woman of conviction and substance. I don’t hide behind a keyboard in a basement somewhere thinking maybe I’ll get to heaven if I use big SAT words and pretend I’m saving an affluent city from “those people from Coweta” (said in a whisper) from crossing into our city borders. For me — A line has been crossed. Some big ones. Shall I continue?

I will no longer tolerate a particular city councilman spreading lies in the community, and in my own church parish. When parishioners in my church home of 50 years ask me “how did you get in here?” and “I am going to call Father so and so and ask that you be removed”. A line has been crossed. These councilmen are so far gone in their narratives, they would tell lies about a fellow parishioner to ensure they get a candidate who does their bidding. (see their own words they sent to citizens below as proof).

Peachtree City voters are getting this all wrong and it is threatening to destroy us. One of the primary reasons I decided to take on the challenge was to stop the hate before it got to our city’s highest level. Vic Painter for PTC City Council was brave but unsuccessful. He too, encountered untoward behavior. One in front of his 8-year-old daughter.

Our city leaders have to spend precious time researching information for the town bullies who want ethics complaints launched at their whim. Everything is a perceived crisis to them. When the ethics complaints should really be launched on them. These bullies scour and pay for open records on anything that will make a juicy article.

When my supporters donated money to my campaign — they knew they would find themselves squarely in the tabloid’s crosshairs but they wanted to see the city succeed just as much as I did.

City code enforcement has received many calls and emails about those “offensive” ‘Moore and Painter’ signs. Can you guess how many emails or calls PTC code enforcement received about election signs for my opponents? Zero.

And several of the candidates crowed over and over this year that would never take any money from developers. You know what? I didn’t receive any money from developers either. And I gurantee you, no respectable businesses were banging down the doors of Imker and Brown to offer any donations.

It’s not a telling sign of leadership not to receive donations from busineses. On the contrary, it shows the community at large trusts you. They respect you. Businesses and the community want you to succeed.

The fact that Ms. Brown had the audacity to place her signs at the legendary Partners Pizzas is just another sign of their clear lack of respect for anything this town stands for. Moreover, I have been quoted as saying some of our city council members are “narrow-minded and an embarrassment”. I actually thought that was a nice way of phrasing it. One week later:

I was not wrong. I rest my case.

In early 2021, I along with four other brave women started a grassroots committee to make this city better by putting a spotlight on our city’s poor voter turnout and share some alarming statistics. We spent hundreds of women-hours doing the work so the citizens didn’t have to. We held meetings. Had a robust facebook profile. Held not one, but two candidate forums to get the vote out.

All the while, Cal Beverly and Steve Brown mocked us in their tabloid, made up lies about secret and nefarious (Steve’s leftover SAT word) development narratives because one volunteer was an executive at a large successful corporation. One volunteer was an attorney, does that mean we chased ambulances too?

These immature keyboard coyboys called us housewives in their opinion pieces when their pre-ordained candidates were threatened by our strength. Did we hit back? Did we purchase flyers and send them to citizens with lies like Steve Brown did? Steve, get a real job! Do we write opinion pieces over and over to make sure we got the last word? No. No. and No.

Those that put themselves out there like I have — want to better the city in many valued ways. Those in PTC who can’t, belittle and attack those that threaten them. No one read the tabloid in June and no one will be reading it in January.

When I announced my campaign, the flurry of “application gate and apartment gate” immediatly began. Cries of wasteful spending don’t apply to these bullies. “Application — gate” — and last year’s “pizza gate” cost the city and state time and money — tax dollars.

What respectable town believes in men who do this? Moreover, if you believed that I had any designs to place apartments in our “village centers”, you are unreachable and you will get the city council you voted for.

Ms. Brown is already under investigation for fraudulently obtaining information (it’s not about the information contained in the spreadsheet, Clint. It’s HOW you secretly obtained the information, what you planned to do with the information, WHO you were getting it for and what you intended to do with it. The Fayette County Elections Board even smelled a rotted fish. Period. Mic drop.), and then dissemenating it to others who have no legal reason to see it in the first place.

All of this information and text messages between the tabloid’s bloviating house-husband and his chosen candidates, can be found in the open records on the city’s website. I have attached a few for your viewing pleasure. The juiciest ones are the text messages that show Steve Brown in lockstep with CM Holland and Destadio and now candidate Brown. If this is not evidence that those that seek to do this so blantently, shouldn’t be seeking a leadership position in this city — I don’t know what is.

Their goals aren’t to better our city, their goal is to advance an extreme agenda that has nothing to do with the health of its citizens. Remember, these articles are OPINION pieces and are not rooted in fact. Facts are not something the local failed tabloid deals in.

The day before “the questions” were due, Mr. Beverly, the owner and a sham of an editor prints an opinion piece insinuating I was a thief and cheater. If you don’t understand that this was a tactic primarily designed to undermine me as a candidate — you are unreachable.

“The editor” then throws a temper tantrum, in print, and tells me I need a thick skin if I am going to be a politician. Mr. Beverly, my thick skin was not giving your tabloid any of my time or words.

Then, the tabloid trots out failed BOE candidate, Neil Sullivan, who is seemingly gunning for Steve’s job, to regurgitate all the lies under a different name. He then adds, for salacious clicks, in his second hit piece that all the apartments I am building as a Delta retiree will now lead to school rezoning if you vote for me.

You can’t make this up. Mr. Sullivan and his wife Jennifer, then proceed to send his article(s) out to the neighborhood where I once lived — and the neighborhood I personally spent many hours advocating at the city and county level — AGAINST — a potential school-rezoning.

I don’t understand why Mr. Sullivan would now lie — and act is if he doesn’t know me at all — when he was right there with me on the front lines for our great neighborhood. I was one of the first people to suggest he should run for a city office. Trying to curry favor with two other toxic males is not a bar many want to aspire to.

I really want to be petty and trot out that Jennifer Sullivan is the original “Patio Refugee Commander-In-Chief when she didn’t get her burger on-time at Ted’s a few years back — but I digress. Where was I? — There are so many lies on top of lies that the city has to put out a video dispelling all the “fear-mongering”.

The city is now being inundated with questions — spending time and valuable city resources to be open and transparent. These men and their newly minted puppet’s favorite targets are two of the most important women in city hall. Their constant attacks on them should be an insult to anyone in this town.

These men and their misguided followers have no shame. They hide behind a keyboard, and never meet their targets face-to-face. Steve, my offer of a coffee is still open. Coward is always the word that comes to my mind.

This is unprecedented and has gone way past slander and defamation for many of us. I encourage any advertisers to pull their advertising dollars on principle. For me and my supporters, demonstrating class, grace, respect and integrity can’t be measured or bought.

I have chosen to remain quiet and run my campaign with integrity and positivity. But I will not tolerate hate and bigotry wrapped up in a partisan narrative any longer. I will not tolerate a few bullies in this town who wanted their candidates to win at all costs – to scorch the town I love so much.

It would not have mattered if the name was ‘Moore or Painter’. Anyone who was running against these bullies chosen brethren, had a premeditated target on their back. Their vitriol will cost this town future good canddiates. It will cost this town our repuation. It has CAUSED unnecessary hate to enter my home.

My goal was, and always will be, to engage in constructive dialogue and seek understanding rather than resorting to anger or aggression. I won’t stoop to arguing back-and-forth on social media or give the tabloid any of my energy. They are not worth it and the great people I have met and the positive words I continue to receive, tell me I am doing the right thing.

My gloves are off and I will no longer watch while everything our “founding father’s” stood for is sullied and scorched. And for the record, no one else invoke that term in this race ever again because “The” Founding Father and his family support me. Along with many other respected citizens and business owners who are disgusted with what they are seeing and experiencing.

The city has one more shot at getting this right. But we already, know by the tabloid’s “questions” who will be voting with whom by default. Steve and his puppets “flipped” the council (see open records and the attachment sent to subscribers where they stated this outright) and will make a mockery of our city leadership.

This city was so disgusted by all the discourse and legal bickering over a decade ago, that they overwhelmingly voted for new leadership before any more damage could be done. What is happening during this campaign season has all the hallmarks of the chaotic Steve Brown era. If you can’t see that it is happening all over again, you are unreachable and you will get who or what you voted in. It is probably already too late.

What is everyone so angry about? Why are you believing the city needed “saving” from an intelligent, educated, critical thinker who was willing to put herself out there to ensure a great city stays that way? I want to give back to a city that has given me so much.

Mayor Fred Brown reached out to me many times to sit on committees for my opinions. I want to have a city council where we laugh and work togther as partners on a common goal. Not as adversaries who have already taken sides because of some perceived competitiveness. Council members should want to have each other’s backs. Not run to a tabloid when we get caught with our hand in the cookie jar so daddy can undermine mommy.

Why are we listening to people who just moved here and found companionship with two of the most toxic and divisive men in the city? They do not want what is best for this city of nearly 40,000 people. If you can’t see that, and are willing to go back to a council of chaos – you are unreachable and I don’t want your vote.

Join me in stopping the spread of toxicity and hate that is threatening to begin to permeate this town once again. I need your vote ONE MOORE TIME. Please help me show the bully who told me I had “no chance in hell of winning” today because his no-experience and untested candidate had it all but wrapped up – that we are better when we work as a team – a team who communicates and cares for one another – not only for this generation but for the next generation as well.

My name is Tamara Allen Moore and Peachtree City deserves so much better.

Vote for Tamara

Fayette County News

Atlanta-Journal Constitution





  1. This captured letter was probably another tactical error, committed in the heat of battle, on the author’s campaign. I understand the friction; we are not dealing with professional politicians. That’s one of the reasons our small town politics is so very interesting. One misstep and a person’s entire character becomes questionable. Maybe a more illuminating campaign strategy would have better served the letter’s author. A more illuminating strategy would have driven a positive response to “The Citizen’s” questions for candidates. Not responsing seems to be the first tactical error. Bad strategy leads to bad tactics.

    It’s not unusual for people to try and kill the messenger of bad news. In this particular case, Cal Beverly and “The Citizen” happen to be the messenger, requesting candidates present their opinions on local issues. It probably helps to understand Steve Brown’s written opinions are designed to stir things up in local politics to see what surfaces. It’s most unfortunate and quite disappointing when people take them as personal offenses.

  2. What happened to “keeping my dignity?” She seems to have come unhinged. Thankfully she’s not hiding it like Caola did until after the election……at least we can see how crazy Ms. Moore is now BEFORE the runoff election. This is so typical of leftists……..rage and scream and throw a fit if you don’t get your way. Reminds me of how Hillary Clinton’s supporters went bonkers when they found out HRC didn’t win the 2016 election.

  3. 2700 words and she still hasn’t spoken to issues that affect me as a citizen. I don’t care about the drama she feels like we have that actually only affects her and literally no one else. This was one rambling reminder to vote for Johnson in December.

      • Given that it was titled “An Open Letter to the Citizens of Peachtree City, Georgia” it seems not to be theft but rather a public service for those that don’t live on Facebook.

        Perhaps the egg laying gander sees the 2700 word psychotic rant self-evident and detrimental to winning over voters giving Tamara #NoMooreChances.

        • If it was intended to be put on the Citizen, she would have followed the protocol as we all did.

          Also, considering the transparency drum gets beat often in these comments, where is the transparency of the author of these comments? What is the deal with silly tag names. Stand tall and stand behind your name. I am all for dialogue, which in many cases includes criticism, but have the courage to stand behind your comments.

          You could also reach out to any of the Candidates and ask for a meeting. I know traditional means of communication is a hard no for most on here — that would require putting your keyboards down and having a real conversation.

          • Gardner is my name Vic….and many people use usernames because the internet isn’t the safest place so I don’t blame people one bit for being safe. I use the same username on multiple websites and don’t need any creeps chasing me down in real life because they had my full name through a username. It’s not about being a coward, it’s about being smart and safe.

  4. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” I think she just took her “parting shot” at PTC, and “burned the bridges” that still stood. She (I’m assuming her preferred pronoun here) shows complete distain – even hatred – for the folks who live in this community. She also shows she doesn’t relate with the good character of PTC. Her word choice “unreachable” is actually her attempt at labeling those of us who can think independently as belonging to the “basket of deplorables”. Political. Career. Ended.

    • Hatred of PTC? Are we reading the same letter? I read this as her voicing her annoyance that a few, fear-based, individuals have continually tried to bully her candidacy.

      She is pushing back and doing it more diplomatically than I would. Instead of kindly saying “unreachable,” I would have said intrenched, fact-denying, idiots.

      This unfortunately is a common set up. The abuser (The Citizen aka Cal Beverly and Steve Brown) starts a smear campaign against someone and then its followers say “look how ugly the person is acting” when they try to defend themselves.

      She took the right approach and cutoff the abuser (refused to give The Citizen her words), but The Citizen stole her letter intended for a different audience in an attempt to keep the smear campaign going.

  5. Am I the only fan of The Citizen that read this and thought Wow! I think I love this lady!

    Her writing is smart, sassy, full of intrigue (I want to know more about Sullivan’s didn’t -get-my- burger-on-time outrage/incident), yet also full of rational points, like how, of course, The Citizen is a tabloid. (No boring fact-checked, reputable content here.)

    I suspect it was The Citizen’s intention to embarrass Moore by publishing her writing that was addressed to a different audience, but I’m glad they’re not sticklers for professionalism because I got an inside peek into Moore’s brain and it’s sharp and hilarious. Moore for Mayor!

  6. So many words, such little substance about PTC issues I care about. To my disappointment, Ms Moore didn’t explain the entertainment districts (plural) that she wants PTC to build to keep our city from being the “laughingstock of the metro area” (her words).

    Moore’s letter may be the greatest act of political hari-kari I’ve ever witnessed.

  7. See where she’s going: “Fayette County News, Atlanta-Journal Constitution, #dontadvertiseinthecitizen, #pullyouradsfromthecitizen,#ptcdeservesmoore”? All this, instead of just answering some survey questions a couple of months ago to clear it up for the deplorable unreachables.

  8. Just wow. And she’s already on record as saying the mayor is only slightly better than the rest of the current council. People should think before they commit something to the internet when they have that much anger and bitterness.