Big wins for pickleball club


The Fayette County Pickleball Club is growing by leaps and bounds, and it appears that its membership contains some dedicated and serious players. A total of 28 medals were won by its members at two different tournaments in mid-February.

Here are the results from the Athens 2018 Pickled Peach Valentine Classic.

Women’s Doubles: Kim Garwood/Jan Stewart, 3.0 (Bronze); Carol Braun/Carolyn Hofer, 3.5 (Gold); Barbara Mason/Sue Ragen, 3.5 (Bronze); Sharon Conrad/Nancy Huddleston, 4.0/4.5 (Silver).

Men’s Doubles: Joe Paletta/Victor Jimenez, 4.0 (Silver); Kevin Lenze/Kim Vining 4.0 (Gold).

Men’s Singles: Kim Vining 4.0 (Gold); Kevin Lenze 4.0 (Silver).

Mixed Doubles: Carolyn Hofer/Ed Hon, 3.5 (Gold); Carol Braun/Chuck Blackshear, 3.5 (Bronze); Judy Chastain/Jim Handberry, 3.5 (Gold); Joe Paletta/Carolyn Rumpel, 4.0 (Silver); Sharon Conrad/Victor Jimenez, 4.0 (Gold).

At the Destin-Emerald Coast Pickleball Classic: Nancy Price/Barbara Skipper, 3.5 (Gold); Lyn Meyers/Marcia Bolton, 3.5 (Bronze).

For further information on how to become active in the PTC-Fayette Pickleball Club, contact Sharon Conrad at or Nancy Price at

Front row, from left: Barbara Skipper, Nancy Price, Kim Garwood, Carolyn Hofer, Carol Braun, Victor Jiminez, Sharon Conrad.

Back Row: Carolyn  Rumpel, Nancy Huddleston, Joe Paletta, Kim Vining.