King calls for independent study on all WASA issues

King calls for independent study on all WASA issues


What seems to be an impasse between the Peachtree City Council and the Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) over extending sewer service beyond city limits received a bit of a different take on May 2.

Councilman Mike King at a council workshop suggested that an outside study be conducted to sort out the issues involved in the impasse.

Mayor Vanessa Fleisch at the beginning of the brief discussion cited past changes in contract agreements with entities such as the airport authority.

“Because of some of the recent developments, I think it’s time now that we look at WASA as well, and it’s relationship with the city,” she said.

King followed, making the majority of comments on the topic.

“Three and half or four years ago there was a letter-writing campaign that was on this dais, and right now we’ve got one whether we asked for it or not,” said King. “And I would ask that common decency (prevail), and let’s be an adult about it. Let’s just stop this. It’s not doing anybody any good. Right now, whether it’s perceived or real, we have an accountability problem with the citizens of Peachtree City.”

King then addressed some of the comments circulating around the city.

“I’m hearing a lot of movement that says we need to bring WASA under control. Well, that’s emotion, and that’s not being very objective about what needs to be done,” said King. “We’ve had a conversation about, perhaps, having someone do a study to lay out every issue there could be between the city and WASA right now, whether that goes from payment to employees as compared to city employees to what the relationships are.”

Noting the disagreement between attorneys for WASA and the city, King suggested that a study, perhaps funded by the city, be undertaken to lay out the issues.

Councilmen Phil Prebor and Terry Ernst provided brief comments, with both agreeing with King’s position.