Man charged in molestation case



A Fayette County man has been charged with the child molestation of a family member.

Sheriff Barry Babb said 36-year-old Aaron Z. Horton, of Greenview Circle in north Fayette, was charged with child molestation and sexual battery.

Babb said the charges are in connection with a family member and involves an extended period of time.

The charges stem from Horton’s actions in Fayette County, Babb said.

Babb said this is an active case and the investigation is ongoing.


  1. Actually after some research on my part I learned that the accused accepted a plea deal. Charges weren’t dropped. It’s on the Fayette county website.
    Probably offered a deal so that the young victims wouldn’t have to face him in court.

  2. The charge were not dropped or dismissed. The witnesses were ready for court. There was a plea deal made before an appearance was made. 10 years probation does not suffice and it is a shame that the justice system has failed these victims and many other victims around the country. He walks while they suffer.

  3. These Charges have been been dismissed due to a extensive investigation by the Fayette County District Attorney’s office that found impropriety and Witnesses stories and due to Witnesses not coming to court. The claims did not substantiate what was reported.