County students place at HOSA conference

Starr’s Mill High had 17 students attend the 2023 HOSA State Leadership Conference. McIntosh High’s Vedita Sawhney won gold in Medical Reading: Family Medicine Career.

The county’s future is filled with students passionate about health care, and they shared their expertise at the 2023 HOSA State Leadership Conference.

Starr’s Mill High had 17 students attend the conference. Ansiba Bakaly, Mia Jardot, Ishan Kasaju, and Caron Lee won in Public Health. Derrilyn Maxey placed 4th in Job Seeking Skills, and Courtney McKenna placed 4th in Extemporaneous Writing.

McIntosh High was also well-represented at the conference. Vedita Sawhney won in Medical Reading: Family Medicine Career. The Chiefs also saw top 10 finishes from Sadid Kabir (Math for Health Professionals), Simrah Batiliwala (Math for Health Professionals), Tiffany Ngo (Career Development), Georgiana Erwin (Anatomy & Physiology), Maddie Kirkland (Biology), Sana Chitalwala (General Chemistry), Allie Rose (Leadership), and Harshini Mohan (Occupational Health & Safety).

Sandy Creek High ranked in a pair of competitions. Amaya Reid placed 3rd in Extemporaneous Writing. The team of Vansopheara Pheach, Kaitlyn Rounsavall, and Christina Tran placed 4th in Creative Problem Solving.

Whitewater High saw three teams place in their competition. Adeline Johnson and Matthew McHanann placed 2nd in CERT Skills Emergency Preparedness. Mary Sandwich, Amanda Moreno, and Emma Oliver placed 2nd in Creative Problem Solving Teamwork. Reid Barlow and Taylor Mundock placed 2nd in Health Career Display.

The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill, and leadership development of all health science technology education students, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community.