Cultural Arts Week takes Braelinn international


Students at Braelinn Elementary learned our unique differences can bring us together with a Cultural Arts Week celebration.

Each grade participated in age-appropriate activities and discussions, including kindergarteners learning how to say “hello” around the world, 2nd graders making origami, and 5th graders studying inclusion and exclusion.

After two years without due to COVID-19 protocols, Braelinn was thrilled to be able to bring back the annual tradition.

“My favorite thing is that we are teaching our students about accepting the unique differences of people. We focus on a wide range of topics: Languages spoken around the world, various cultures across the United States, characteristics of the Japanese culture, appreciating differences within our classrooms, understanding the importance of inclusion, etc.,” said Principal Erinn Angelo. “The lessons are taught by parent-volunteers which also provides an opportunity for our students to learn from adults with various backgrounds and experiences.”

Sarah Ruiz, a parent who helped lead organization of the week, was proud to see the impact of the fun and thoughtful activities.

“Our purpose is to lead conversations about culture, diversity, inclusion, and awareness; to encourage dialogue amongst the children (and often teachers) about awareness and our experiences within our community and the world beyond.”