Apple Day offers bushels of fun at Oak Grove

To celebrate the first week of fall, kindergarten classes at Oak Grove Elementary ended the week with Apple Day with a full slate of apple-themed activities.

To celebrate the first week of fall, all of the kindergarten classes at Oak Grove Elementary ended the week with Apple Day.

A full slate of apple-themed activities across all subject areas engaged students in a fun and memorable way.

They started the morning with fun facts about apples, then read about Johnny Appleseed and made hats like Johnny wore. They talked about the life cycle of an apple, then peeled and cored apples to make their own homemade applesauce. That helped them learn to follow a recipe and measure out ingredients.

While their concoction cooked, they sampled other products like apple chips, applesauce, apple juice, apple jelly, apple slices, and even apple pie!

“We loved tasting the different products that were made from apples,” said teacher Erin Barnes.

During science, they predicted whether or not apples would sink, then tested to see who was right.

“This made us want to test more objects, so we found a bunch of objects and made some more predictions.”

For math, they measured the length of apples using non-standard units of measurement and used a balance scale to compare the weight of an apple to other objects. They made predictions on how many links, cubes, or bears it would take to balance the weight of an apple, and they also took out and counted how many seeds each apple had.

For art, they cut the apple different ways and used them to stamp pictures.

“The kids were excited to see that, once we cut the apple, we could see a star shape in the middle. Many of the students had never seen that before,” said Barnes. “It was a great way to get the kids excited about learning in a hands-on way!”